17 March 2010


I remembered it's Wednesday!! Every week I think that I will join in, next thing I know it's Thursday! Anyway this is my little bit of workspace this week, the dinning room table, it does vary where I find to craft. Now for what is on my workspace, the mess I left last night!! or rather the early hours of this morning. Some Gorjuss girls decoupage that is already mounted with silicone ready to make up into cards, some punched leaves and flowers, stamp and papers from the Wild Rose Studio

Well we have been busy little bees at tonight's craft class making some lovely Pardo jewellery. It was also Mo's birthday and it was Sandra's a couple of weeks back. Ann, Flutterbycrafter had made a chocolate mocha cake for Mo and a white chocolate cheesecake for Sandra now the cake was delicious but the cheesecake was to die for!! mmmmmmm really yummy. Thank you Ann your a star, we are all so pleased to have you back crafting with us... and making cakes for us!! :-) We must be the luckiest crafters going having the best cake maker ever in our group!!

This is Mo's Chocha Mocha! drool, drool

and this is Sandra's white chocolate cheesecake... come on admit it you are really drooling now, it's dripping off ya chin!

Thanks again Ann ... and ladies for making this evening a very enjoyable one. Oh just remembered that busy taking the pictures of the cakes I forgot to take any of the jewellery!! :-(

Ok it is now 11:30pm and I promised myself an early night, so thats all for now see you all tomorrow Lynne xx


  1. Lovely to see your workdesk Lynne. I just love the idea of the baby jar for your pins. Might just have to nab that idea after a nasty prick yesterday, ouch!
    Ooooh both cake look delicious. I wouldn't know which one to eat first!
    Can't wait to see the beads. Night.xx

  2. those decoupaged girls look fabby already!!! Then you go and tease us with pics of cakes - this time of night!!! and when i've run out of jammie dodgers too... There are some lovely things on your desk that I'd love to own/have a play with - MS punch, stamps, love the spotty ribbon. All very gawjuss!!!

    Paula x x x

  3. Your desk is the last one tonight ...its 1.30 and I can barely see the keys ...I really could do with a LARGE slice of both ...now.
    Love that large rose on the left ...and what are the bottles on the right ....or are they upside down?

  4. oh my the cake got a look in first im afraid, they look gorgeous :)
    love yr craft space too x

  5. enjoyed last night thanks soo much love sue and mo

  6. Great last night as always, but the cakes, What can I say. Ann is just the best, doing two cakes when she is still recovering. She really is a kind, thoughtful, lovely person. Missed Chanelle & jill. Hope they are back soon. Great to have a class with Linda aswell. Love Sandra x

  7. I'm guessing you don't clear it off for meals every night! Great looking workdesk Lynne - like the stickles holder and that paper rose on the left is a triumph! As for the food...yum. Although I genuinely think I could take or leave the cheesecake, the Choca Mocha sounds divine!

  8. This is tidy for your Lynne ;). Had a wonderful night last night, thanks.

  9. What desk? Just give me the cakes :-)
    A x

  10. My workspace is far too messy to take a photo, but yours looks very neat to me, everything to hand, whereas, everything i need is buried under a pile of allsorts. Had a great time at The Den last night as always, really enjoyed making the necklaces, Oh the cakes were to die for, Ann has done mo and sandra proud with them, Missed Chanelle and Jill, hope to see them again soon xx Love Ann xox

  11. OK, just hand over the cakes and no one will get hurt! There is some left isn't there?? You did save some for us I hope! Great desk too, love the stickles holder and all the flowers and punched bits.


  12. Why oh why cant you move the craft classes to York!...fab cake...and I am starving...Your desk looks quite tidy...like me one day I will do the WOYDW..can't see it at the moment

  13. Hasn't DH tidied your desk for you, he is slacking lol:). Well I missed out again on Ann's lovely cakes I'm going to check for the next birthday and make sure I'm there.
    Pat xx

  14. well you do sound organise with the images all set ! wish my desk was that tidy at the mo lol ...
    yummy cake too - this crafty life is no good for our figures ya know ! lol
    maddy x


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