29 May 2010

Birthday Blog Candy - This candy is now closed and the winner will be announced in the morning.

As promised Craft Den 2nd Birthday Blog Candy

All you have to do for a chance of winning some blog candy is leave a comment so I can pop over and have a look around at your blog, become a follower, add a picture of my candy with a link back here in your side bar, simples!!

This post will stay at the top until 10pm on Wednesday 30th May 2010 when a winner will be randomly picked.

Good Luck

Closed- The winner will be announced in the morning.

Charity Card Event

What a wet miserable day it has been here in Sheffield, about right for a bank holiday weekend, lets hope it brightens up tomorrow.

I have had a few questions about our Charity Card Weekend Friday & Saturday 18th & 19th June.
10.00am - 3.00pm on both days at Craft Den Studio, Sheffield.
We have lots of crafters making cards on both days.
The cards will be available for sale at the studio during the weekend event and the ones that are not sold will be shared between The Sheffield Children's Hospital & Weston Park charity shops. If you have any cards you have made and would like to donate to sell or card, paper, embellies that the volunteer crafters can use to make up during the event please ensure they are with us a few days before. If you have any more questions please email sales@craftden.co.uk

We have another entry for the May ATC challenge

thank you, and keep them coming. All the ATC's we have received for May can be viewed here.
Lynne xx

28 May 2010

Last chance to join ATC Challenge for May

Hi Folks. Thank you to everyone for wishing me well at the doctors this morning. There is nothing to worry about, and I am being referred to the hospital for some more tests.

It also seems I am at a dodgy age!! I have been going down hill at a steady rate since I was 40 so from now on in, it is a roller-coaster ride. lol

Another ATC arrived today

Don't forget you can view the rest of May's ATC entries here and it is not too late if you want to join in, the theme for May is FLOWERS.

If you have already sent in your entry for May the theme for June is SHOES.

I have enjoyed reading all your comments about what you were up to, and how the Sheffield floods effected you in 2007.

Have a great weekend, and lets hope the weather man got it wrong, and we see some sun even if it is not has hot as last weekend. Lynne x

Coming up to the rainy season.

Good morning all. It is a lovely bright sunny morning here in Sheffield and it is Friday, again!! Where did this week go?? I am sure that someone is pinching 4-6 hours out of my days. I have been getting up between 5.30am and 6.30am every morning to try and catch up with things that lapsed when I was ill. It is like how I imagine brushing the sea back, impossible!! lol I am off to the docs again this morning to get my results, my theory is that there is nothing wrong with me or they would have rung me, fingers crossed.

Another long weekend up on us, are any of you going way? We are off to Sheffield by the puddles! have you seen the weather forecast for tomorrow, rain, rain and more rain! Gor blimey I don't know about buying some new sandals I think I will order some webbed feet!! lol Well, we are coming up to the rainy season, it will be 3 years on June 26th since we had the Sheffield floods. Luckily we weren't effected as we have a long garden the river Loxley runs along the bottom.

Here are a couple of pictures from the bottom of our garden June 2007. The first during the heavy rain on the Wednesday

and the second picture is the following Sunday when the water had receded.

Did the flood affect any of you?? I would love to see your pictures, if you have any.

Whatever you are doing today, enjoy.

Thank Crunchie it is Friday Lynne x

27 May 2010

May ATC challenge update

Morning all, just a quick reminder that if you have not yet joined in with Craft Den's 2nd birthday blog candy, you better be quick as it finishes on Monday 31th May, don't miss out.

Here are some pics of the May ATC's we have received if you have not yet sent us yours "what ya waitin' for?" you do still have a few days left...

The ATCs can also be viewed here
A big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined in this month.

If you are super organised and have already done your May one the theme for June is 'Shoes' and don't tell me you can't think of anything to do for that!! lol

I have finally, at long last with a little reminder, put the newspaper flower tutorial on my tutorial page and it can be viewed here pop over and have a read and let me know what you think.

That's all for now folks, see ya later. Lynne xx

26 May 2010


It's Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing, WOYWW it seems to come round quicker and quicker every week, if that is possible?? If you are wondering what I am talking about pop over to Julia's blog who started the WOYWW blog hop, where we get a chance to have a snoop around on other crafters workspaces and also get to meet some lovely crafting people.

So what's on my workspace this week? I am still crafting on the dinning room table much to hubby's frustration. BH is a very tidy and organised person, and I am the total opposite! lol very messy and untidy any little space and I will fill it!

so there you are my dinning room table this week, nothing very interesting going on.

OK now to see what the rest of you are up to, Lynne x

24 May 2010

Flowers ATC challenge for May 2010

This is my entry for the Craft Den May ATC challenge.

I have also made a series of rose ones so everyone who enters this months with receive 2 ATC's
Have you made yours yet??

When I looked at yesterdays card again I thought it needed a little something else...

so I have now added some pink bling to the scalloped edges.

OK I am just off to the dentist and then a spot of gardening at Mum's, any excuse to be out in this glorious weather.

What ever you are doing today enjoy! Lynne xx

22 May 2010

Gorjuss Girl Card

Wow, what a fabulous day it has been here in Costa Del Hillsborough. The sun really has been out all day today, it was warm outside at 7.30am when we set off on our weekly shopping trip to the supermarket. 
Although it is late evening now it is still very warm outside, and noisy!! there is a brass band practising somewhere not sure where but not too far away. I don't mind listening to a brass band now and then, but not when they are practising!!

When I came in out of the garden, BH was watching football so I decided to sort through some of my craft stuff. I have bought some more storage boxes to organise my stash but I still need more. While I was sorting I found a box of die cut decoupage Gorjuss girls. So I abandoned the sorting and made a card.

The papers are from a Basic Grey 6x6 pad, Sugar Rush. Love the colours in this range pink, lime green, orange, grey and mauve blue, lovely.

Punched flowers using EK Success large and small daisy, medium scalloped circle, MS Cosmos, butterfly, leaf, branch and border punch. Viva pen pearl centres for the flowers, two heart pins and a Craftwork cards birthday greeting to finish off

Thanks for popping by and if you have enjoyed your visit please leave a comment. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don't over do the sun bathing! Lynne x

21 May 2010

Charity Card Making Event

We are holding a 2 day Charity Card Making Event on Friday & Saturday 18th & 19th June
10am - 3pm at the Craft Den Studio, Sheffield

There will be several crafters on both days making cards to sell. All money raised will be go to the Sheffield Children's Hospital and Weston Park Sheffield. You are invited to come along on either day to buy cards or other hand made items. All cards made that are not sold during the event will go to the charity shop.
Email Lynne on sales@craftden.co.uk for more information.

More Doodles...

Good morning everyone, it is a nice bright sunny Friday morning here in Sheffield. It is Mum's birthday today, and as the rest of the family are off on there jollies Mum is coming over here to spend the day with us. If it is nice, which it looks like being she will be in the garden with BH.

I have had no Internet connection again, been off since early yesterday morning. I have not even visited half of the WOYWW blogs yet so I will try and get round you all in the next couple of days, sorry :-(

We had a lovely evening at scrapbooking last night and on Wednesday we had are usual craft night. We played with T!ms new alterations dies which are all fab but I do have a couple of favorites: Heart wings and Ornamental. I will blog what we did later.
For now I have more doodles from 1975 to show you. Thanks you for all your comments and emails about the 'A' for art, and yes I was 15 at the time, where have all the years gone! Is there any more hoarders out there? Or is it only me that have my school books and stuff packed away in your loft? This one was in a display with a drawing of a rock which was part of my GCSE course work. I also made the design in to a screen print and then large wall hanging.

OK I have an apology to make too, last week I stated that my storage boxes are from Wickes, when in fact they are from B&Q sorry folks I did not mean to mislead you, but I now know through those of you who trundled off to Wickes they do a similar design in black and blue. Thank you for all my Sunshine blog awards I reallly appreciate them, they mean a lot to me so thank you.

I had started loading the ATC pictures here before the Internet went off.

Craft Den timetable can be found here and is updated on a regular basis and I hope you will be able to join us at some of the classes.

Fingers crossed this now loads as this is the second time of posting, lost it all first time! :-(
So that's it all I can say now is thank Crunchie it is Friday and Happy Birthday Mum. Lynne x

19 May 2010


Morning all, it is a nice bright morning here in Sheffield again. The family have all gone off on there jollies this morning for a week, so peace reins! lol Will miss my cuddles with Ava most :-(

So what is on my work desk this week. I have a shadow box frame all prepped and ready to go, as yet I am not too sure what is to be done with it! so watch this space. There are also various bits of decoupage strewn around as this is what has kept me seated while ill. I can not just sit and rest, I can't even sit and watch TV i have to have something to do. So over the last week I have had a lap tray and sat cutting and snipping to my hearts content. I don't do much decoupage as I don't usually have the time. Thank you all so much for your texts emails and phone calls, I was touched by every ones concern, thank you. I am off to the docs shortly for some blood tests so better stop rambling and get on with it! :-)

Flippin women decoupage, love the slimming one, sat at her desk eating salad, or is she???

when it flips she has a huge gateaux at behind it, my kinda gal! lol The only good thing about being ill for a week is I have lost weight, not sure how much as Ben took the scales to weigh the cases! just know by how my jeans fit this morning.

this one is a card order from my Mum, don't know who she knows who baths in front of the fire!! lol

Remeber when... I have made an aperture card with a A3 piece of brown card for this, I have used silicone for the picture and 3mm foam pads to build the aperture out.

Ooooh gota rush going to be late for docs! Lynne x

17 May 2010

Old doodlings from 1975

Good morning all, it is a lovely sunny Monday morning here in Sheffield, although a little chilly.
A few weeks ago BH cleared out the loft and put a pile of stuff in the spare room for me to sort through, a job I hate. Yesterday I decided to take a look through. some of it. I still have plans for a craft area in this room and at the moment there is hardly even floor space to step in!! So some stuff has to go, I am such an hoarder, you never know when you might need it!!

Amongst the stuff was one of my old art portfolios, which I thought was long gone. I don't even remember seeing it before we moved here, so it is a mystery how it got there, unless it had come from Dads when we cleared his house out . At the time I couldn't face going through stuff and it was packed and put in the loft.

So here is one of my doodles from 1975 - A for art

I have scanned it in to the PC and printed off in black and scanned in again to get a better picture for you. It is actually done in blue biro and was part of an art display at Hope Valley College, Hope, Derbyshire in 1975. Kept reasonably well for it's age, a little crumpled around the edges and a mark here and there, a bit like me really!! lol I might share some more with you later, and I know you all are wondering how old I was in 1975? lol

What ever you are doing today enjoy. Lynne x

14 May 2010

Blog Award & Senior Moments!!

Blog Award

I have been given the Sunshine Blog Award by Kerry. Thank you Kerry it is a lovely thought and has brightened up my week.

I now have to pass this on to 12 people. I find this part really really difficult I would like to pass this award on to more than 12 people. So this is the bit I usually avoid and opt out here. So I am passing this award onto:

If you read my blog regularly you will know that for the passed few days I have been dizzy, yes more dizzy than I am usually! lol
This morning I went on the Internet while drinking my coffee. I read a comment on my blog from  Ann Flutterbycrafter which read: Hope everything goes well at docs, well done to get the cards done feeling as ill as you do. xx
Oh dear I thought Ann is ill too! I emailed and said not to worry about coming round this morning as Ann was going to sit in the studio for me. I started getting ready for my trip to the docs, I came out of the shower saw I had a missed call from Ann. On ringing her back Ann asked what I was talking about she wasn't ill!! I told her about the comment on my blog she told me to read it again, which I did, on reading it the second time aloud on the phone to Ann the penny dropped, and we both laughed. Your losing Ann said. After coming off the phone I continued to get ready... why had I got the coffee out to butter my bread?.. after buttering my toast with butter, I went to put the butter in the fridge...what was the coffee jar doing in there!! must be losing it! Like I say more dizzy than normal. lol Do any of you have these senior moments? Well I say moments, they seem to last longer now some times all day!! lol After returning from the doctors Ann asked where the paint dabbers were kept, yes you've guessed they are missing not in the cupboard where they should be and we've looked in the fridge, just in case!! lol

May ATC Challenge
'Flowers' is the theme for our May ATC challenge I will upload the pictures here, and add to as they arrive. Sorry I am very late this month getting things sorted. All ATC's received at Craft Den must be sent with an SAE if you would like us to send you one back. Otherwise if you would like to join in but not post your ATC you can leave a comment with a link to your blog and we can pop over and have a look. You can also email a picture for us to upload.

Looking forward to tomorrow's jewellery class with Tara. Click here to pop over and visit Tara's blog.

Good night all see you all tomorrow Lynne xx

13 May 2010

A couple of cards

Thank you all for your kind comments, emails, texts and well wishes. I am feeling a little better this evening and have an appointment at the docs tomorrow. I have not been blog hopping again this week, but hope to get to visit you all over the next couple of days, there are an awful lot of desks I have to go and check out, see how tidy they are and what you have all been up to. :-0 The stamp I used for the party invitations is a wood mounted Inkadinkado, not sure if it has a name but I will try and find out.

While I have been sat here resting I cut out a couple of decoupages for two card orders ready for tomorrow.

The first one is a Framing card form La Pashe. I have not done one of these before, really pleased with how it turned out. There is an awful lot going on in this potting shed.

The second card I have made is a coloured Remember When - In the Bar

Behind the card you can just see the top of a pile of boxes BH made tonight for me, 12 in total for a wedding. He makes a good card box does our Bob. He's not a crafter but will step in and help out when needs must, and they did this week. Thanks Bob.

Well it's Friday again tomorrow, just where has this week gone?? We still have a couple of places left on Saturdays jewellery class if you fancy making a necklace and matching earrings.

It's nearly midnight and Bobbie has just phoned to say she has water dripping through the living room ceiling!! poor thing gone in from work late this evening, had a bath and when she has let the bath water out it must have been leaking through, onto the sofa. By the time she has gone down and found it the bath was nearly empty so it had done it worst. So that will keep BH busy tomorrow, finding the leak and fixing it.
What ever you are doing tomorrow enjoy! Lynne x

12 May 2010


Morning all, can't believe it is Wednesday again already. Sorry for the lack of blogging over the last week I have been unwell since the weekend, although I have managed to fit a little crafting in. Today I feel very dizzy and faint the worse I have been in fact. I thought I would sit for a while and take things easy and see how it goes. Being ill has put me back on a lot of things including getting the Craft Dens Studio timetable printed. 
I have a picture of the necklace we are making this Saturday afternoon 1:30pm - 3:30pm 

a close up, although my pictures do not show the true colour of the lovely beads

So what is on my dinning room table this week

lots of punched out card waiting to be stamped

some that have already been stamped

and one of the finished cards in black and grey

and for a more vintage look

mmmm now I wonder who is having a party???? some old bird!!!

I hope to visit more desks than I did last week, although though as the numbers swell it is becoming impossible to do this in one night! so hopefully during the week I should manage it!! fingers crossed.
If you are wondering what this is all about pop over to Julia's blog.
What ever you are doing to day enjoy and I hope you manage to fit some crafting in somewhere along the way. Lynne x

5 May 2010


Well this has got to be a first for me! Joining in WOYWW before the 12th hour!

So what is on my work space this week? Well I am still crafting on the dinning room table and driving BH mad!! He is very tidy and organised and I'm neither, poor man what he has to put up with! :-)
Last weekend we didn't have any staying over visitors, that's the only time I clear the decks if we have people staying. The rest of the time Bob and I sit at one end of the table there is just enough room for 2 place mats and 2 coasters, what more do you want? lol

A half finished princess carriage that has been like this a while and might be like it a little while longer too, has I have lost a part! Another 'HAPPY' book  for a silver wedding, just been gathering everything together to get it started, to the right a card I made yesterday and near the back a card I have been working on using stamp tapestry peg stamps to go around the aperture to frame a pic of Ava for my Auntie.

Some storage ideas for you, these are from Wickes DIY store and great for storing your hardware bits and bobs in. I have 2 but already planning on buying some more they are so useful.

Lots of useful sized compartments inside.

I keep all my idea-ology stuff in

This is from IKEA to keep cleaning products in, but as I don't do cleaning!! I keep my dabbers, distress paints, Claudine's etc in, just the job for carrying too!

I will be over to have a snoop what you have on your desk later, hope you have been tidy this week :-) lol

Craft Den 2nd birthday Blog Candy tomorrow, sorry it is late, but you know what they say better late than never! Lynne xx

3 May 2010

Black & White

Just a quick post with a couple of cards from last weeks classes, with a black and white theme. Papers from Black Market Paper Society teamed up with black and white card stock.

A4 white card scored and folded, a piece of black card cut slightly smaller to leave a white edge all round and punched along the bottom edge. The patterned paper is cut slightly smaller again leaving a narrow black edge all round and enough cut off the length to reveal  the punched edge.

I have used the largest die from labels set eight from Spellbinders for the white card and the next size down for the black. This is a great shape for making backers for flowers or other embellishments. The smaller dies from this set are also useful for stamping sentiments on.

I have cut a strip of black card and a narrower strip of grey to make a band to tie the black organza ribbon around.

The flower is made using the blossoms die but any flower die or punch could be used. I have used layers of white tissue to make the flower held together with a black brad and very lightly inked the edges with black soot to give the flower some depth and highlight the layers.

Any of you that enjoy gardening or growing plants might like to see  a pic of my Catus Last Sunday it had one single flower which has now died off...

but look at it this week, and it is full of buds.

Had a lovely day out yesterday, my daughter and I picked Mum up and went over to Eyam. We were lucky with the weather as when we got back BH said it had been raining here in Sheffield on and off, so he had stayed in and watched the footy, oh dear what a shame I had missed that! :-) It is hail stoning here in Sheffield at the moment and the noise of them landing on the conservatory is deafening!! Alfie is not sure about it, he is staying close.

Hope you have all had a great weekend too!