Paper flower using old newspapers. I cut my petals freehand but you could make yourself a template.
A good size to start with is to make your petal about three inches tall by about two and a halve inches at the widest part across the centre of the petal. This size is easiest to handle while having a practice then you can just cut smaller ones for your projects. When BH came in one day after I had just cut several petals out and left them on the dinning room table, he asked what all the light bulbs were for, my friend called them lollipop's, not sure where she buys her lollies. I think they are more like a trees...

Cut several out about seven depending on how full you want your flower to look

curl the top edge and each side of the round part of the petal with the side of your scissors.
Do this to all your petals

Take one petal and shape and pinch the bottom

now but the nest one facing, curl the edges outward and wrap the bottom part around the first one

a different view to try and show you what the two petals should now look like. Now take a piece of strong thread or thin wire, this will depend on what you are planning on using your finished flower for. If you intend using it for an altered project or canvas I would use wire, for cards I would use strong thread. Take you thread or wire and wrap around the bottom to hold together. This needs to be tight enough to hold the petals together but not too tight as to break the thread or if using wire for it to cut through the paper

keep adding petals in this way remembering to keep turning the flower as you add more petals and wrapping wire or thread until you have enough to make a full flower, about seven.

You can now add some colour, I have lightly sprayed this one with gold Crafty Notions spray.

You can also use a good quality crepe paper which stretches easily between your fingers to create the curled petals. If you can get hold of the foiled, that makes beautiful flowers and is sturdier so stands more shaping.

Can't find my pic of the finished gold flower so will have to pop back later, sorry.
Hope you have enjoyed that, let me know how you get on or even better if you blog it and  I can pop over for a peep.Email me on sales@craftden.co.uk if you have any questions.  Lynne x