9 March 2010

As promised a few pics

It is a lovely morning here in Sheffield the sun is shining and the birds are singing. The snowdrops are out and the crocus and daffodils are on there way. It seems to have been a while since we have had bright mornings like we have had over the past few days.

Yesterday I promised you some pictures here they are:

The beautiful beads made at Saturdays Pardo jewellery class...

...such lovely colours

the pictures do not show the true colours...

I had a little helper in the studio on Friday..

she just loves getting in the corner and taking the pots off...

It's hungry work

and putting them back again too!

there all finished!


  1. Hope things are ok!! Love the picture's of Ava xx She just get more gorgeous each week!! is she walking yet? Love the jewellery xx

  2. Gorgeous as usual, it must be a girly thing related to that age group as I can remember Elena at that age opening a cupboard in my kitchen where I had all my little spice jars and she used to do the same thing every time she came to my house.
    By the way the jewellery is wonderful too.
    Pat xx

  3. got worried then thought it was closed wed night.see you then, ava is a real cutie & growing up so fast, the jewellery looks great x sue x

  4. Gorgeous jewellery Lynne. :) Lovely to see you have a little helper. :)

  5. Ava looks so cute. She is growing up so fast, won't be long before she's opening them and crafting with you. Love Sandra x


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