11 March 2010

Flippin Men!

The new 'Flippin' A5 decoupage with backing sheets arrived last week and Julie has very kindly made these up for the stuido. Thank you Julie. When making up the 'Flippin' range we usually put a sheet of acetate in the apeture to fasten the decoupage on to show both the front and the back. These are dangling on a thread. As always my pictures do not do the cards justice...

I will try to take some more pictures tomorrow, but I am not promising they will be any better!!

This image makes a great card for any DIY person

I have put a piece of card behind to try and show how he is hanging.

Thank Crunchie it's Friday tomorrow!!


  1. Great card Lynne. :) Enjoy your crunchie ;)


  2. Hi Lynne - lovely to hear from you and love your blog - did you ever implement SDU?????? Hope all is going well and hope our paths will cross again xx

  3. Great card Lynne love the flippin range and these look fab with the matching backing sheet xx

  4. Great card - love the sentiment - so true about soooo many men!...Enjoy your choc - I have lastest all week with no crisps or choc and its killing me - hope I last the weekend

  5. Fab cards Lynne - it's nice to get different ideas for the Flippin range - I tend to just do the same design xx

  6. Nice card Lynne, enjoy the crunchie xx


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