26 March 2010

What more could you want?

As you all know I have 2 dogs, Ike & Alfie. Alfie is about 2  1/2 years old and Ike is an old boy who will be 10 in November, we think.

My morning routine, get up, go and switch the kettle on, go to the bathroom in bare feet. By the time I get back to the kitchen to make my coffee Alfie is there with a slipper for me!

This is Alfie this morning bringing my slipper

when he has given me the first slipper, and got a small reward, he goes off and gets the other one! No one has taught him to do this, and I just think he his a real star! I don't have to look for slippers ever again! What more could I want? I would like him to look for keys, mobiles...... lol    Only joking Alfie.

and this is Alfie waiting for a treat. You can just see Ike is standing at the side of him waiting for a treat too! He's a wise old dog and gets in on the act for the treats! lol

Ike  brings you slippers when you get home everyday. Ike was about 3 years old when we rescued him and he has always brought slippers or shoes, we did not train him to do this he did it from a few days after he came to live with us. Alfie was about 5/6 weeks old when our daughter brought him home, and Ike has been like a Dad to him, looking after him, washing him when he was very small. So IKe could have taught him or Alfie just learnt from Ike who knows but I just think it is great, don't you?

We received our first Easter card yesterday from the lovely Jill, that is the lovely Jill who makes lovely cards and should have a blog Jill. Hope you are reading this Jill and got the message if not you need a blog Jill! lol Thanks Jill I love it.

and the inside of the card

The stamp and papers are from our new Wild Rose studio collection which are all fabulous.

Well all I have to say now is thank Crunchie it is Friday!

All day scrapbooking tomorrow and NEC Sunday, like I say what more could any one want?
Let me know if you are going to the NEC and would like to meet up as I love to put faces to names.


  1. Arrh , how sweet! I wish my lot would bring me my slippers...Daisy would just chew them! I love the easter cards, very cute! Have a good weekend Jo x

  2. Aaawww! I'd be happy if my dog could find the door without trampling everone else under foot!Lovely pics Lynne, and I agree that Jill should get a blog. I haven't had one for long, but once you get over the nerves it's loads of fun. Go for it Jill!
    love as always Gina x x x

  3. Cute pictures of the dogs Lynne! Max would be like Jo's dog and just chew them!!!

    I love Jill's card. Really cute and different.


  4. awe, what clever dogs. :) My mums dog used to bring her, her wellies when the shop shut at 1pm for lunch so they could go out together! :)
    What a lovely card. Enjoy!
    Hope you have a super duper weekend.xx Look forward to hearing all about it next week...promise? :)
    Hugs, Gez.xx

  5. Very sweet,I wish someone would get my slippers for me in the morning as my kitchen floor is very cold, but as I don't have a dog, i'll just have to train Ivan instead. The card from Jill is so lovely, she has such great ideas. Looking forward to scrapbooking 2mmorra and NEC on Sunday.. Love Ann xx

  6. He is such a cutie!! Dusty would want me to bring her slippers!!! lol she is very lazy but soooo lovable doggie xx Enjoyed last night was a great night!! Jills cards where all beautiful and if she reads this I hope she is ok xxx

  7. What clever dogs you've got. Love the card, yes, Jill should have a blog xx

  8. Oh what clever pups. Wish our pooch could do that. dogs are wonderful with such personalities I just adore them. Cannot wait til tomorrow. See you then. Angela

  9. Fab - one trick need to teach Archie

  10. the dogs are so cute and so is jills card hey lynne Im going to the nec ha ha ooo excited x sue x

  11. What a little star. Chester would just chew my slippers, and Oscar sometimes is just too tired to even get off his bed in a morning. I have to go to him. Jills card is a beauty, what a talent she has, she should share it with blogland. Can't wait for bumper crafting weekend. YIPEEEEE. Love Sandra x

  12. What clever dogs you have and sooooooooooo cute to do this. One of my dogs Pip pinches slippers and takes them into the garden and to get them back you have to give him a treat.
    Have a lovely day on Sunday.
    Pat xx

  13. Hi Lynne,
    Wish I could train my cats to find my slippers of a morning - but not much chance LOL! Good for Alfie!!
    SUCH a pretty card today - gorgeously springlike!
    Lesley x

  14. Hi lynne
    Thank you for putting my card on your blogg and thank you everybody for your lovely comments its made my day,also thank you to you all for your kindness you have shown me over the last few weeks love jillxx

  15. Hi Lynne
    Thank you for putting my card on your blogg and for all the lovely comments its made my day. I must try and train my Dashounds to fetch slippers!
    looking forward to NEC with you all and thank you for the kindness you have shown me over the last few weeeks love jillxxx

  16. I love the easter cards, very cute! Have a good weekend
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