19 May 2010


Morning all, it is a nice bright morning here in Sheffield again. The family have all gone off on there jollies this morning for a week, so peace reins! lol Will miss my cuddles with Ava most :-(

So what is on my work desk this week. I have a shadow box frame all prepped and ready to go, as yet I am not too sure what is to be done with it! so watch this space. There are also various bits of decoupage strewn around as this is what has kept me seated while ill. I can not just sit and rest, I can't even sit and watch TV i have to have something to do. So over the last week I have had a lap tray and sat cutting and snipping to my hearts content. I don't do much decoupage as I don't usually have the time. Thank you all so much for your texts emails and phone calls, I was touched by every ones concern, thank you. I am off to the docs shortly for some blood tests so better stop rambling and get on with it! :-)

Flippin women decoupage, love the slimming one, sat at her desk eating salad, or is she???

when it flips she has a huge gateaux at behind it, my kinda gal! lol The only good thing about being ill for a week is I have lost weight, not sure how much as Ben took the scales to weigh the cases! just know by how my jeans fit this morning.

this one is a card order from my Mum, don't know who she knows who baths in front of the fire!! lol

Remeber when... I have made an aperture card with a A3 piece of brown card for this, I have used silicone for the picture and 3mm foam pads to build the aperture out.

Ooooh gota rush going to be late for docs! Lynne x


  1. Good Morning your desk looks very tidy!! So glad you are into decoupage it's one of my favourite's hope everything goes ok at the doctors!! Hope to see you later Love Chanelle xx

  2. Hi Lynne

    those images are fabulous they hold so much humour!


  3. Fab cards hun... loving yoru desk x

  4. I look forward to seeing what you do with the frame.
    Fab cards!
    Clare x

  5. Fab decoupage. Hope you're feeling better soon
    Anne x

  6. great cards! love whats on your desk this week, you have been a busy bee, hope you have a wonderful week, hugs mandyxx

  7. Morning Lynne, very tidy desk. Those images are fun. Hope you will soon be feeling better. See you next week.
    Pat xx

  8. Fab gateaux card - love it. Good luck with the drs Lynne - look after yourself


  9. Ver tidy desk. Hope everything goes ok with the doctors. Great decoupage. Tracy Evans x

  10. Good luck at the doctors. Your desk was very tidy this morning, it will be nice to see what the shadow frame becomes. K x

  11. Lynne, sure hop eyou're feeling better. The cards are fab..the bath by the fire pic - OMG how close to revealing!!

  12. Hi Lynne
    hope the Drs went ok, oh i think them flippen cards are brill, so funny, nearly got some from ideal world a while back, sue,x

  13. Your desk looks great! Love the projects! Hope you feel better soon! xo LIsa

  14. I hope you were n't late and all went well.

  15. looks like you have been busy Lynn. Also the work in progress looks interesting.

    Hope all goes well at docs and you're feeling a bit better sooner rather than later.

    Paula x x x

  16. Love your cards. Hope all went well at the Dr's.
    A x

  17. Fab work. Hope you feell better soon. Hugs Pam x

  18. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    hehe love those cheeky images! I hope everything goes well at the Dr!
    P.S. Please come check out my new challenge blog! The first challenge starts Sunday, May 23rd. I hope to see you there! xo Kelli

  19. Sorry I'm late...that's the trouble with having to work Wednesdays!!
    Loved my snoop and loads going on, still very tidy tho'


  20. Great decoupage my fav is the miners!
    Can't wait to see what becomesof the shadow box.

    hope all went well in the Dr's


  21. You have been busy and I love your cards - some are really funny!

  22. Love the snoop at your desk Lynne. Your cards are beautiful and the box frame too. I hope you are feeling better than of late. TFS. ~Glen~


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