21 May 2010

More Doodles...

Good morning everyone, it is a nice bright sunny Friday morning here in Sheffield. It is Mum's birthday today, and as the rest of the family are off on there jollies Mum is coming over here to spend the day with us. If it is nice, which it looks like being she will be in the garden with BH.

I have had no Internet connection again, been off since early yesterday morning. I have not even visited half of the WOYWW blogs yet so I will try and get round you all in the next couple of days, sorry :-(

We had a lovely evening at scrapbooking last night and on Wednesday we had are usual craft night. We played with T!ms new alterations dies which are all fab but I do have a couple of favorites: Heart wings and Ornamental. I will blog what we did later.
For now I have more doodles from 1975 to show you. Thanks you for all your comments and emails about the 'A' for art, and yes I was 15 at the time, where have all the years gone! Is there any more hoarders out there? Or is it only me that have my school books and stuff packed away in your loft? This one was in a display with a drawing of a rock which was part of my GCSE course work. I also made the design in to a screen print and then large wall hanging.

OK I have an apology to make too, last week I stated that my storage boxes are from Wickes, when in fact they are from B&Q sorry folks I did not mean to mislead you, but I now know through those of you who trundled off to Wickes they do a similar design in black and blue. Thank you for all my Sunshine blog awards I reallly appreciate them, they mean a lot to me so thank you.

I had started loading the ATC pictures here before the Internet went off.

Craft Den timetable can be found here and is updated on a regular basis and I hope you will be able to join us at some of the classes.

Fingers crossed this now loads as this is the second time of posting, lost it all first time! :-(
So that's it all I can say now is thank Crunchie it is Friday and Happy Birthday Mum. Lynne x


  1. Yay it worked! I love looking at you past art work, I've still got some drawings I did when I was 12!!!
    Love as always Gina x x x

  2. Stunning drawing Lynne, my mother threw all my things away, boo hoo.


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