28 May 2010

Coming up to the rainy season.

Good morning all. It is a lovely bright sunny morning here in Sheffield and it is Friday, again!! Where did this week go?? I am sure that someone is pinching 4-6 hours out of my days. I have been getting up between 5.30am and 6.30am every morning to try and catch up with things that lapsed when I was ill. It is like how I imagine brushing the sea back, impossible!! lol I am off to the docs again this morning to get my results, my theory is that there is nothing wrong with me or they would have rung me, fingers crossed.

Another long weekend up on us, are any of you going way? We are off to Sheffield by the puddles! have you seen the weather forecast for tomorrow, rain, rain and more rain! Gor blimey I don't know about buying some new sandals I think I will order some webbed feet!! lol Well, we are coming up to the rainy season, it will be 3 years on June 26th since we had the Sheffield floods. Luckily we weren't effected as we have a long garden the river Loxley runs along the bottom.

Here are a couple of pictures from the bottom of our garden June 2007. The first during the heavy rain on the Wednesday

and the second picture is the following Sunday when the water had receded.

Did the flood affect any of you?? I would love to see your pictures, if you have any.

Whatever you are doing today, enjoy.

Thank Crunchie it is Friday Lynne x


  1. Oh those floods bring back memories! I remember nearly having to sleep at school as I couldnt get home from Loxley! Good luck at the Doctors this morning - I am sure everything will be fine. Enjoy the bank holiday I am heading to the midlands to see my mum! See you on Thursday for more scrapbooking indulgence!! Hugs Tash xx

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  3. Wow those pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing them. Thanksfully we don't get floods where we live even though Shrewsbury has lots.
    A x

  4. Wow Lynne has it really been 3 years??? That was a scary night. I'd picked the kids up from school at lunchtime cos I was worried Penistone road would flood and boy was I right!!! marooned on the Isle of Shirecliffe for 3 days as the water had flooded all the roads around us.
    Hope everything will be A OK at the docs.
    Love as always Gina x x x

  5. Love the picture's Lynne and I hope you go on ok at the doctor's!!

    I was a lucky one didn't see any of it only in the pictures on TV!! Just remember staying at work as we have no electric and had to help with the meals!!! not cooking them just serving!! lol xx

  6. Can't believe it's 3 years since the floods - it was a nightmare for us. We had to abandon our car above the football ground and trudge through knee deep water to get home only to find our cellar flooded and the environment agency telling us we had an hour to move our belongings upstairs before the river burst its banks again and we'd get a second deluge.........

  7. Great pictures, I let my staff go home from work at 2.00pm and I had to go all around the houses to get home, which I eventually did, driving through flooded roads where the water came up to the windows on the car, quite frightening, but exciting at the same time.

  8. I remember the floods very well as my daughter in law Lynne decided to go into labour and i had a job getting up their house to look after Owen as few places flooded but i managed it, she didn't have Dylan until next day.

  9. Goodness I can't believe it was so long ago your had the floods in Sheffied. I remember seeing them on the telly! Thanks for sharing your memories and pics.
    Lesley x


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