12 May 2010


Morning all, can't believe it is Wednesday again already. Sorry for the lack of blogging over the last week I have been unwell since the weekend, although I have managed to fit a little crafting in. Today I feel very dizzy and faint the worse I have been in fact. I thought I would sit for a while and take things easy and see how it goes. Being ill has put me back on a lot of things including getting the Craft Dens Studio timetable printed. 
I have a picture of the necklace we are making this Saturday afternoon 1:30pm - 3:30pm 

a close up, although my pictures do not show the true colour of the lovely beads

So what is on my dinning room table this week

lots of punched out card waiting to be stamped

some that have already been stamped

and one of the finished cards in black and grey

and for a more vintage look

mmmm now I wonder who is having a party???? some old bird!!!

I hope to visit more desks than I did last week, although though as the numbers swell it is becoming impossible to do this in one night! so hopefully during the week I should manage it!! fingers crossed.
If you are wondering what this is all about pop over to Julia's blog.
What ever you are doing to day enjoy and I hope you manage to fit some crafting in somewhere along the way. Lynne x


  1. Hi Lynne love your blog make-over. Great beads & wow love your cards... Take care. Gez.xx

  2. Hi Lynne
    hope you are feeling better, gorgeous necklace, beautiful cards, have good day, sue,x

  3. The cards look great I pitty the (old bird) who has to make them all though lol lots of friends is a good thing!

    Love Dawn xx

  4. Hi Lynne, hope your feeling better by the time you read this! Those birthday cards look superb!
    love as always Gina x x x

  5. Hiya Lynne

    you are much better than me I really dont like repeative work lol, your cards are gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better soon


  6. COr, that's a big ol' party being planned! Love the design of the invites. Sorry you feel so awful...sounds like inner ear to me...get thee to the Dr!

  7. Love your necklace and cards. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. What great party pieces you have mad e, i love the vintage look, the necklace is lovely , have never tried jewllery making , my fingers to chubby for that lol have a good week and hope you feel better soon


  9. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Lovely card and lovely necklace.
    Anne x

  10. wowser - they're super invites - quite extravagant!!!

    love the colour of the necklace too.

    Sorry you're not well - hope you're gonna get checked out by the doc!!!

    Take it easy

    paula x x x

  11. Love the necklace. Hope you're feeling much better very soon.
    A x

  12. Awe, sorry you'e feeling ill, get to the docs straight away. Love the invites, can't imagine whose birthday it might be, but if the old bird doesn't get to the docs, there won't be any party going on, lol. Love the necklace, the colours are beautiful. xx

  13. the cards are just perfect!!!!
    And the necklace is a lovely blue...I love blue!

  14. Good job ! Thanks for sharing

  15. Hi Lynne. Sorry you're not well, You should go to the doctors. Hope you are feeling better in the morning. The necklace looks gorgeous, can't wait. Only 3 more sleeps LOL. Love Sandra x

  16. Great beads and those cards are amazing!!


  17. Hi Lynne!!! sorry you are feeling so bad and I hope you manage to get an appointment tomorrow otherwise you'd better set Bob on them!!! lol

    The birthday invites look great just love the stamped image!!!

    Take care Love Chanelle xx

  18. Gorgeous bracelet, all these beady pictures I'm seeing today are making me want to get my beads out again! Like I haven't got enough half-mades on the go!
    The party invites look fantastic

  19. Gorgeous cards and love the colour of the beads.

  20. Sorry you haven't been well hope you are soon feeling better. The beads look fab and the cards are great.
    Pat xx

  21. oh yes I know, it took me all week!! But what fun seeing where everyone does there craftyness!! OhooI wonder whos birthday???? sorry I'm late mr blogger wouldn't let me comment

  22. The invites are fab Lynne - must have taken you ages......

    Looking forward to showing all your lovley ladies how to make this necklace on Saturday - come and join us ladies but take it easy on me it's going to be my first time teaching :)

  23. I love the image of the girl. Who makes that stamp? My mom is turning 60 this year & that would be a great invite.

  24. Hi Lynne, sorry to hear you have been poorly. Hope you are better now. Love the invites!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  25. Hi Lynne,

    Invites look great Lynne!

    I hope you start to feel better soon!


    Kerry xx

  26. Hi Lynne ... sorry I am late posting this week ... hope you are feeling a bit better today XXX

  27. I have recieved my 1st blog award. I have passed this onto you, please see my blog for details. Love Kerry xx

  28. Boy do I love this design on your cards!


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