13 May 2010

A couple of cards

Thank you all for your kind comments, emails, texts and well wishes. I am feeling a little better this evening and have an appointment at the docs tomorrow. I have not been blog hopping again this week, but hope to get to visit you all over the next couple of days, there are an awful lot of desks I have to go and check out, see how tidy they are and what you have all been up to. :-0 The stamp I used for the party invitations is a wood mounted Inkadinkado, not sure if it has a name but I will try and find out.

While I have been sat here resting I cut out a couple of decoupages for two card orders ready for tomorrow.

The first one is a Framing card form La Pashe. I have not done one of these before, really pleased with how it turned out. There is an awful lot going on in this potting shed.

The second card I have made is a coloured Remember When - In the Bar

Behind the card you can just see the top of a pile of boxes BH made tonight for me, 12 in total for a wedding. He makes a good card box does our Bob. He's not a crafter but will step in and help out when needs must, and they did this week. Thanks Bob.

Well it's Friday again tomorrow, just where has this week gone?? We still have a couple of places left on Saturdays jewellery class if you fancy making a necklace and matching earrings.

It's nearly midnight and Bobbie has just phoned to say she has water dripping through the living room ceiling!! poor thing gone in from work late this evening, had a bath and when she has let the bath water out it must have been leaking through, onto the sofa. By the time she has gone down and found it the bath was nearly empty so it had done it worst. So that will keep BH busy tomorrow, finding the leak and fixing it.
What ever you are doing tomorrow enjoy! Lynne x


  1. Hi Lynne.

    Happy belated 2nd birthday for the Craft Den - I need to find time for a drive down at some point. Mind you, after the couple of weeks I've just had, I am feeling pretty washed out.

    And who thought crafters were such nice people eh? You always get the one that spoils everything.

    Speak soon my love - I hope you are feeling much better soon. Hugs and cuddles.

    Jo xx

    joaustin22@aol.com (just in case you need it - my blog is off.)

  2. Take care Lynne and look after yourself weekend here...2 fantastic cards as always


  3. Hope everything goes well at docs, well done to get the cards done feeling as ill as you do. xx

  4. Fingers crossed that you're feeling better soon - hope the Doctors helps. The cards you've made are lovely - I've never got into decoupage but always admire it when I see it done!


  5. Poor you. Hope the Doc can help. Take it easy..really.

  6. OMG I thought at first when I saw these cards that you had coloured them then read your post and saw decoupage LOL:).
    What a lovely DH you have there all these repairs and making boxes in his spare time!
    Hope you will be feeling better and rareing to go for your jewelry class.
    Pat xx

  7. Hi Lynne
    Sorry to hear you not feeling well, really hope you start feeling much better really soon!!!
    hoping to come see you next week I believe
    Gay xx

  8. Oh poor Bobbie! Hope there isn't too much damage to the ceiling.
    Love the Frame card, looks like the inside of my shed haha!
    Love as always Gina x x x

  9. Both fantastic cards for men. Love the one where he's stood at the bar. Is there no end to Bobs talents. Hope he manages to sort out Bobbie's ceiling problem, that's all she needs when she gets home from work. Hope you got to see the doctor and he's sorted you out. Looking forward to tommorow. Love Sandra x

  10. Hope you start to feel better soon Lynne. Great card - I am sure the people that ordered them will love them all. Love Kerry

  11. Lynne, Beautiful cards. I love the stamps you used. Such details. I hope you are feeling better soon. I am still hoping to get down there but with volunteering at the school a few days and Belles after school activities it is difficult. take care and get some rest! Angela

  12. I just love all the details in these cards. Haven't come across them before and they're fab for the fellas!
    Lesley x


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