5 January 2010

Winter wonderland

It is a winter wonderland again here in Sheffield this morning. Snow, snow and more snow and it is very cold brrrrrrrr

This is the view through the window

the line across the middle is the washing line!!! lol

look at that sky, full of snow!! What is the view out of yours??

Gez has taken a picture through the window here thanks Gez :-)
Gez has also got a picture of her washing line too!! lol
Jo has also blogged a lovely wintry scene which can be viewed here.
Sue has taken a picture of her garden and washing line too! lol click here to view
Sandra's cute dog Chester can be seen here
Pat's dog is enjoying the snow too here sorry don't know his/her name!
Nat has been sledging with Caitlin here
If you haven't got to go out today, it is definitely a day to stay in keep warm and craft, craft, craft!!

We are not running any classes today Tuesday 5th Jan and the shop is closed the snow is still falling all the buses have stopped running, although the tram is still getting through.
Please phone before travelling just in case and we will keep you posted about tomorrow and the rest of the week.


  1. What beautiful pictures!!! Would look lovely scrapped!!! Just knew it would snow, just need my Magazine!!!! lol

  2. So much snow here in Yorkshire - could not get into work - shame..off crafting for the afternoon - fab...

  3. Lovely pictures, but if you think you've got snow, you should see how much we've got!!!

  4. We've got loads of the white stuff too! Both primary & secondary schools all closed in our area this morning, aarrrh! Soooo, it looks like we are confined to barracks! Keep warm Lynne. Off to see if I can get a photo of the washing line. Have a lovely day. Gez.xx

  5. How pretty Lynne! Just frosty and bright down here in Devon!!! Flippin' cold though!!! Just got in and the car was reading -6.5 degrees so too cold for snow I think. We're not used to this cold down here!
    Lesley x

  6. fab pics so cold looking i'll post later x sue x

  7. Not able to get to work today what a shame! NOT! Ive blogged the snow on the south side of sheffield ....the dogs are lovin it!


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