4 January 2010

Craft Stamper has arrived at last!!

February's Craft Stamper has arrived in the shop at last!! Everyone has been chomping on the bit to get their hands on this fab mag for some inspiration and kick start them back into crafting.
We have all been so busy with Christmas things it will be good to make something completely different and non Christmas!! lol

I have only had a quick flick through, I am saving my copy until this evening when I can curl up with a cup of coffee and a few chocs some where quiet and warm, yes! warm the heating has come back on, just before the plumber arrived!! can you believe that??

Kate Crane over on The Kathryn Wheel blog has a great article in about art journals, this month is part 1 making a journal and next month part 2 decorating the pages, can't wait!!


  1. Hope you have both kept each other warm!!!! lol xx Can't wait to call & collect the mag, just hope the snow they have forecast just stays away!!! Love Chanelle xx

  2. i collected my magazine today and have had a quick look on the train on the way home from work, it loks grea, i look forward to seeing something you make from it

  3. How nice of you to say. Hope you'll be making the art journal LOL! Kate x


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