17 June 2009

Bouncing Ava

Normal service has been resumed today!!
Mum has been lucky and had no repercussions from her fall yesterday. Both the pooches seem to be on the mend. Alfie has been doing a lot more sleeping than usual, he didn't get up until 6am this morning.

Thank you to every one who has emailed me today to find out how Mum is.

My daughter bought Ava a baby bouncing tigger seat. Here are a few pictures that my BH took on his phone for me when he was visiting the other day.


  1. They made me smile, how cute does Ava look in her little bouncer. Glad you are all on the mend, and your mum has no after effects from her fall. Love Sandra x

  2. Glad things are back to normal after the scar. Oh very cute piccies. Kim

  3. She is gorgeous, love the bouncer.

  4. Glad everyone is ok!! Looks like Ava loves doing what Tigger's do best!!

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  6. Ooh the bouncing stage, so much fun. She will just get more and more fun from now on! Glad you are all ok and you are feeling better.
    K x

  7. Hi Lynne

    Thats great news to hear your mum is on the mend & you're feeling better too. My your wuffy fluffys were up early. Glad they're feeling better.

    Awe..Ava looks so happy in her bouncer! I remember that stage well!

    Take care. Gez.xx

  8. She just gets cuter and cuter Lynne! Like you didn't know that already though.

    I hope life slows down a bit for you now.


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