13 June 2009

Five months already!!

Doesn't time fly? My granddaughter Ava is five months old today, It has gone so fast!
I took lots of pictures of Ava today, as now I have made a start on my album of Ava I thought it would be nice to make one for my Mum, and then I got to thinking it would be a lovely Christmas pressie for Ben and Kyla as Ava will be one year old in January I could make one of Ava's first 12 months. I mentioned this to my daughter and she has seen the few pages I have already done and although she likes scrapbooking doesn't get much time and said she would love one too! So that's my pressies sorted and most of my free time spoken for!! lol What free time???

Anyway that is enough of my ramblings, let me show you today's pictures.

I manged to get both Mum & Dad on this one!! Grandad is stood behind me acting the fool as Ava wouldn't look at the camera! So that's Ava thinking what's he doing now?

I just love this little sun dress, with matching shoes and frilly socks aren't they gorgeous?

That's all for now... so what ever you are doing tomorrow make sure you enjoy yourselves and the nice weather while it lasts.


  1. She is so adorable!! Hope you enjoyed having her tonight!! (Wish I could sort my pressies that easy) lol did I say easy???

  2. She looks beautiful as usual in her little dress and matching shoes. so cute. Those pictures are going to make a lovely page. Love Sandra x

  3. Ah, she's beautiful, the dress is so pretty and suits her so well. She is adorable as Chanelle says.

  4. Gorgeous girl, what lovely chubby cheeks and big eyes! The hardest part is going to be deciding which of all the lovely photos to use in your albums, I am sure you will have hundreds more by the end of the year!!

  5. Its a hard job but someones got to do it! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun filling Ava's album. What a sweetheart..xx

  6. absolutely stunning.. isn't she a beautiful little Ava?!

    Love her..

    Jo xx


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