16 June 2009

Dizzy Morning

Sorry for being a bad blogger over the last couple of days I have not been feeling too well.

This morning I heard BH go out with Alfie the youngest of our two dogs for their early morning walk. I was just thinking about getting up when I heard the phone ringing... arrrrgggg missed it!! I've not been feeling too well for the last few days and after jumping out of bed and rushing to the phone I felt decidedly dizzy!! Yes more dizzy than usual!! lol The caller had with held the number I was just wondering who it could be when it rang again... City wide alarms to say Mum had fallen out of bed and was stuck on the floor. I rang my daughter who is one of Mum's carers and also has a spare key. Fifteen minutes later my daughter rang to say that she was at Mums with the paramedics who were waiting outside when she got there. Mum was OK but due to her disabilities couldn't get herself off the floor. I then got to thinking that BH and Alfie were out a long time when I saw them come into the garden.
Both dogs have been ill for a few days, Ike had an injection on Thursday to stop him vomiting and now Alfie had been ill again while they were out!!
What a morning this had turned out to be and it was still only 6:45am!!


  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    Hi Lynne, hope everyone is feeling better if you need anything just get in touch you have my mobile. big hugs for everyone. Jane M. xx

  2. omg lynne your days been worse than mine hope everything is better now inc you and you are okay love sue xx

  3. oh god Lynne.. you sound lie you've had it all!

    Hope you're feeling a bit better soon. Love to the pupsters too.. it's hard when they're ill.... I know with Scooby when he's having one of his colitis days, he's awful with it.. total sympathy.

    Love Jo xx

  4. Hi Lynne x What a morning. Hope everybody is ok. Take things easy and look after yourself. Love Sandra x

  5. Hi Lynne

    I am so sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. What a morning you've had! They always say when it rains....

    Hope your Mum is improving & tomorrow is a much better day for you all.

    Hugs, Gez.xx

  6. wow Lynne...that a morning and a half ...I hope you dont have another one of those for a long time. Im glad to hear your mum is ok...give my love to the pooches too.

    Jo x

  7. hope everyone is ok and getting better K x

  8. Morning Lynne, Hope everyone is fighting fit today!!! lol Hopefully today will be the start of things getting better!! including all you poorly people & pooches xx

  9. What a start to the morning! Hope things are better now. Take it easy & look after yourself.



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