8 June 2009

Angelina Tutorial

Angelina fibres are plastic and when heated fuse together. Take required amount of angelina fibres and lay between two sheets of paper. I have taken small amounts of 3 colours for this project, lemon, pink and blue. Iron using medium heat setting. Excess heat will alter the colour properties. Too little heat and the fibres will not bond.

The Angelina fibres will only bond to themselves and to crystalina and fusible film. Gold flake, threads, skeleton leaves, feathers can be put in between the layers to created added effects. The fused fibres can be stitched and decorated with embellishments.

You can also place Angelina fibres between fusible film to create a different effect. Fusible film is made of the same material.

Ink up a stamp with Staz On, I have used blazing red for this project and Blonde Moments flutterby stamp.

Lay a sandwich of fusible film and fibres on top of stamp carefully as so not to smudge the ink lay a piece of paper over top.

With heat setting on medium gentle iron. Lift paper at one corner to see if the film and fibres have fused.

Remove ironed sandwich of film and fibres from stamp.

Now cut round stamped image to make embellishment. Stamp a single image on a piece of film with matching colour Staz On allow to dry and cut round large wings and body. Attach with dries clears pva glue at body part only.

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and found it useful. I will post a picture of my finished card later.


  1. Great tutorial Lynne!! will try the fusible film method!! mine always end up in a mess!! xx

  2. Loving the tutorials Lynne.Great idea. Love Sandra x

  3. wow that is the neatest trick. I need to try it someday love your blog

  4. Brilliant Lynne!

    You have been soooo busy.xx
    Will be adding the Angelina fibres to my shopping list if you've some left! Great tutorial. Gez.xx

  5. I love this stuff, I used it on my christmas cards for the slippers and the yellow is great for chicks. janex

  6. Hi Jane, never thought of using it for chicks, what a great idea. Thanks for your lovely coments. Lynne xx

  7. awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. lina holzbauer


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