28 October 2010


My lovely little Granddaughter Ava, has been poorly over the last few weeks.
She was just getting over a flu virus when she started with a sickness bug, which was first thought to be food poisoning, poor little mite. I am happy to say she is now well on the mend and needs building up as she has lost a lot of weight.

So I was really pleased when she phoned last night, with the help of Dad of course. Ava does know how to get the lock of the phone, last time she rang my cousins wife. I think that maybe the first of many calls they will be getting them being the first name in the contacts list, her name is Ann. lol

So when I received these pictures I thought I would share them with you all. Can't wait to print them off and scrapbook them. Might have to be one of Sunday's projects I think.

Anyway I asked Ava what she was doing and she replied 'Baking'

'What are you baking?' 'Bickits'
Since they moved house Ava favorite place is sitting at the bottom of the stairs.

Where does Ava mix her biscuits? sitting on the stairs of course.

mmm looking good

and like every good cook, you must have a taste...

biscuits for supper it is then.

Happy Crafting.


  1. Wow! Ava is getting bigger isn't she! :) Great to know she is on the mend. :) Has she saved you a bickit??

  2. crumbs ava has grown up sooo much since last year and even more cute x sue x

  3. Glad she's feeling better - cute piccies. Reminds me of that muppet song with Kermits nephew sitting halfway down the stairs...

  4. Looks fun mixing her bickits on the stairs!!! Glad she is on the mend needs plenty of these to get her weight back on poor litle lamb!!! Love Chanelle xxx


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