28 May 2009

One week later

Where does time go?? It is hard to believe that a week has passed since we celebrated Mum's birthday.

I was so looking forward to the long weekend, I had so many plans for my 2 days off and it just flew by. On Sunday I managed to get some gardening done while the sun was shinning, I had two helpers...Ike watched...

Alfie got started on the over grown rockery...

Ike needs to have lots of shampoos as he has skin problems...

I was so pleased I didn't leave it until Monday.

Just a short post this morning, but with a bit of luck of luck I will be back later with some crafty updates.

What ever you are doing today, enjoy! Lynne


  1. Arrrh bless...look at alfie getting a wash and blow dry! He's like a big teddy bear!

  2. Yes, he his like a big teddy, in more ways that one!! lol
    But don't tell any would be burglars, as he does look the part, doesn't he?

  3. Alfie looks he's enjoying himself!! Love to see him after his bath makes him even more cuddly!! xx

  4. Alfie looks busy. Think Ike needs some sunglasses I'll ask Chester if he can spare a pair. Love Sandra x

  5. What a handsome couple of helpers you have Lynne. Sending them both a great BIG cyber hug.

    Hope this weekend doesn't go too quickly for you.

    Best wishes. Gez.xx


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