8 May 2009

Last few days

On Thursday evening in our scrapbooking class we used Steak & Ale and Toad in the hole papers from Blonde Moments Suet Pudding range. We cut circles out scrunched, sanded and chalked them to make flowers with button centres. Here is Jo's page

Thanks for sending it to me Jo, you should join us and get yourself a little blog Jo :-)
Here is Kathryns finished page

I thought it might turn out to be an unusual day on Friday, as I woke to a pile of shoes!! Nearly all my shoes, trainers, slippers, sandals were in a pile at my side of the bed!! Later that day when I told MBH he said that Alfie our 20 month old Staffy cross, was busy collecting them and carry to the bedroom when he left that morning, so he thought he would leave him to it!! When I asked did he not wonder why he was doing it he replied he didn't know which shoes you were going to wear!! LOL that's men for you!! At least he didn't chew them!!

But it turned out to be a good day as with Marcels help we manged to track down the missing parcel of our Whiff of Joy stamps and they are being delivered to the shop on Tuesday, can't wait!! Thanks Marcel for all your help tracking them down.

On Saturday Ava came to visit, she gets more gorgeous every time I see her.
Don't you agree?? Isnt she cute?

Here she is with Daddy using the table as a drum, Granddad was sat at the other side of the table tapping it Ava watched for a few moments and then joined in!!

Today I finished off some wedding stationary. Tonight I had a nice meal with my hubby and a bottle of wine so all in all it has been a busy few day but I've enjoyed it! Hope you have all had a good weekend, see you tomorrow.


  1. Ava looks beautiful, my hasn't she grown so quickly.

  2. Yes she has Ann, to quickly!! lol

  3. Can't beleive how much she's grown in the last couple of weeks!! Will have to take a photo of my page, really enjoyed the class xx

  4. Yes, please do we would all love to see it, I bet it has bling on!! lol

    Ava is growing fast and picking things up fast too!!

  5. Such cute photos Lynne!
    Hugs Lynsey:)

  6. Ava is Just Beautiful,She looks so content & happy. Love Sandra x

  7. Lovely photo's of Ava Lynne :-) She just gorgeous :-)


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