18 May 2009

New class and workshop timetable

Our new class and workshop timetable is available to view here
A few of the projects which are on the timetable:

Celebration book

Tags of Texture this lovely little album is one of Dyan's projects from Heart from the Art.

We ran this workshop a few weeks ago at Craft Den in Sheffield on a week day and we have had a few request to run it again on a weekend. So if you are interested please email info@craftden.co.uk and when will arrange a Saturday or Sunday towards the end of July.

There are more workshops in the pipeline and as soon as the dates etc or finalised they will be added to the timetable.

Ava was here at the weekend and as usual they stayed for dinner. Ava is now trying solids, here she is enjoying her dinner cauli and brocolli cheese mmmmm yummy!!


  1. Hope little ava starts to visit her nannan a little earlier, missed her for the last few weeks and she's growing so fast xx The two books are so lovely need both of them !! lol xx

  2. Awe! Its not fair!! I do wish I lived nearer! I do like the look of both books they look fab.xx

    Awe Ava looks like she's really enjoying her food.

    Best wishes. Gez.x


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