1 April 2009

No more drillling and hammering!!

If you you have called passed the shop over the last few days you will be pleased to know that you can now shop in peace and not have to put your fngers in your ears while browsing!!! LOL

At last we have nearly finished putting everything back. On Saturday we packed stock up ready for the slat wall to be fitted and it seems to have taken ages to get it all unpacked!! I have spent hours dusting, yes, me dusting!! unpacking, displaying items then moving them and then moving them again!! The shop is looking good now so it was worth all the hardwork, although it is still not finished. Here are a few pics of how things are looking now with new slat wall and display stands.

The new Copics display stand, which I can never keep stocked up!!! I wonder why? LOL
Is that a packet of pampers I see peeping from behind the Copics stand? lol Yes, little Ava still popped in with Mum and Dad during all the work, and managed to sleep through, nothing disturbs her when she is ready for a nap!

The wall of paper, more dynamic displays yet to come!! and more paper still to arrive which we ordered at the trade show.

Lots of new stock arriving daily, which we have not had time to put on the website yet. Where does time go? So if you can't find what you are looking for on the site, give us a shout or even better pop in for a browse. We are open Mon - Fri - 10am - 4pm and during classes and workshops.


  1. Ooooooooh its lovely!! I wanna come and play!

  2. Loks fab!! Will be over tonight to inspect the dusting!! lol xx

  3. omg lynne it looks fab, only trouble is now i can find stuff and that costs money!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Looking good Lynne!

  5. WOW Lynne. Shop looks fantastic.....and those copics......*drool....
    those papers......*drool....
    those everythings!!!!! DROOL

    Shell x

  6. Your shop looks fab Lynn Shame I work and can't get within your opening hours :0( will have a good look on the web site though

  7. WOW: It all looks amazing, I love all the new goodies you've got in stock :)

    Alex x


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