29 March 2009

New Look Shop

Craft Den has undergone a makeover this weekend and it looks absolutely great!! The shelves have been replaced by slat wall which gives scope to hang lots more crafting goodies and the shelves have been refitted in a different area to give even more display space.

Julie arrived early on Saturday morning and set to work boxing up all the stock from the shelves. Julie, armed with a screwdriver then took all the shelves down ready for the slat wall to be fitted. After lots of drilling and hammering Julie and Chanelle then set to work unpacking all the stock.

A big THANK YOU to Julie and Chanelle for all your hard work I could not have got it all done in a weekend without you both.

I don't have any pictures of the new look shop for you tonight I will take some tomorrow, but what I do have are some lovely pictures of my beautiful little grand daughter Ava ready for bed

and sooooooooo tired

and so is Grandma so good night all. X


  1. You are always welcome to my help Lynne that's what friends are for!! xxx Ava is such a cutie hope she is feeling better xxx

  2. How cute is your little Ava,what a lucky grandma you are. Can't wait to see the new look Craft Den and new stock, have to bring lots of cash,and maybe a bit of plastic on Wednesday. Love Sandra x

  3. adorable just beautiful better than any card on any blog could ever be she is a cutie

  4. Oh, she's so beautiful, what an angel. Can't wait to see the new look shop.


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