20 April 2009

Lots to tell & share!!

After I last blogged saying my Internet connection was fixed, which was absolutely days ago, it went down again!!! So after not having been able to post for several days I have lots to tell you.

I will start with today and tell you about my visitors, Maddy, Rachel and Calvin at the Craft Den and guess who was with them? Yes, Calvin mouse Crafter and Superstar and his friend Rotty Rat.
Although I am not too sure if that friendship is wearing abit thin!!
Calvin mouse has been to the shop once before and he was quiet well behaved, apart from eating toooo many chocolate doughnuts and making himself ill, oh and going missing when it was time to go home... Anyway today Rotty rat got himself into a bit of a mess and Calvin mouse was just loving that!
We were all sat chatting away over a cup of coffee when we heard this little voice calling "Maddy come and look what Rotty's doing, he's going to be in big trouble now"
Maddy went over to where the voice was coming from to find Calvin mouse and Rotty in the ribbons. According to Calvin mouse Rotty had been playing in the ribbons and got himself all knotted up!! Maddy wasn't very pleased at all!! and Calvin mouse was just loving Rotty getting in trouble!! LOL

I am sure Maddy would have something to say to them when she got home!! LOL
On Saturday Ava came to visit she is 14 weeks old today, hasn't that gone fast? Although I see her every week she changes every time I see her.

Chanelle, Net and Julie also called in on Saturday so Ava got lots of cuddles!! lol
Sorry Ann and Linnie you both called too early and missed out on the cuddles!! lol
Here one of Ava opening an Easter pressies last week.

A couple of quick cards I made last week. The first one is using the new clear cowboy stamp set from Woodware, which made a real change for me instead of sport or DIY which is what I would usually use to make a mans card. I like the little cactus stamp in this set! lol

For my second card I used a Sugar Nellie stamp, Luca playing football and the papers are from Daisy Bucket Broadwalk range which I use alot for male cards.

So hopefully I will be able to blog again sooooon, fingers crossed!! lol


  1. Nice to see you blogging again Lynne. Lucky you having such famous visitors! Ava is getting more and more gorgeous every time I see her! Hope you are well and life is good for you X

  2. Yay.. you're back! Missed your blogging.. Great cards, I love the cowboy one..

    Jo xxx

  3. Glad your back blogging,missed you.Calvin & rotty in one day lucky you. Ava is sooo beautiful you must be a very proud grandma. Great cards. See you Wednesday x

  4. Hi Sandra. I am a very proud I just love being a Grandma:-) Love Lynne x

    PS forgot to say she went home with a bit of glitter on her face!! lol

  5. Can't beleive I missed all the visitor's!! How cool to meet Rotty!! I bet Calvin got him in trouble on purpose!! lol xx Ava is more beautiful in the flesh she is so sweet!!

  6. Gosh you have been busy Lynne!
    Welcome back & thanks so much for sharing piccies of the beautiful Ava xxx

  7. Glad to hear you've got Ava started early with the glitter. x

  8. I cant believe i missed my cuddle with such a little cutie she is one beautiful baby oh and the cards are just a bit fab too lol

  9. Hi Lynne :) Thanks ever so much for making us feel so welcome,your coffee is better than Maddy's! (Don't tell her that, i won't get my morning cuppa any more!)

    Rotty enjoyed himself, well he did until that little grass told on him again...i think he had a great time in your ribbons though. :)

    What a lovely set-up you have there at the shop, very warm and homely feel to it. A great day, thanks again Lynne, see you again soon i hope.

  10. Thanks Calvin for your lovely comments. Hope to see you again. Lynne

  11. Ava is certainly a little sweetie. I loved those spotty tights!


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