8 March 2009

What a weekend!!

Yesterday was Maddy's Copic workshop in the studio. We all had a great time and guess who came with Maddy? Yes, you've guessed the superstar himself the one and only Calvin Mouse.
He made his first apearance in the biscuit tin!!

and then he found the chocolate doughnuts!! If you visit Chanelle's blog you can see Calvin enjoying himself in the chocolate doughnuts!! We did lots of chatting and lots of laughing but we also did some crafting -

Anita's card
more cards to follow shortly -

Maddy presented Net with a £20 gift voucher for wining the 2nd Copic Challege Craft Den had sponsored.

When it was time for Maddy to leave to catch the train back home to Leeds, Calvin mouse could not be found any where!! So Maddy had to go home with out him!! We would all like to thank Maddy for yesterday as we all had a great time and we hope it won't be too long before you visit us again!!

This morning I was unpacking boxes at the papercraft show at Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield and there was Calvin mouse sat in the middle of the Copic pens!!

and later he was in the ribbon box!!

I've told him I think it best if he goes home to Maddy tomorrow before his return ticket runs out!!


  1. Had a great day with you all on Saturday, Maddy was a star!!! and Calvin well what can anyone say he's such a sweetie!!!! even though at the moment he is very dirty mouse who is covered in chocolate and who will be in big trouble when Maddy gets hold of him!!!! lol xx

  2. I wondered where he was !!!! i should have guessed wheres theres chocolate theres Calvin Mouse ! rofl !
    had a fab day girls ! thanks for having me !
    hope you did well at the show ... Please tell Anita she made a fab card !
    ps ive hopped over to flutterbys blog earlier ... fab card there too !
    love maddy

  3. Little monkey that Calvin Mouse! He got in my Primas too.

    Thatnks very much for my prize Lynne!


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