6 March 2009

Tomorrows Copics Workshop

Maddy has been busy making up samples for tomorrows Copic workshop.

But Calvin mouse isn't very happy about tomorrows workshop so if you hop over to Maddy's blog you can find out why.


  1. We will have to buy a chocolate cake!! Can't have a moody mouse on our hands, who know's what could happen!! lol xx

  2. We have chocolate rolls and chocolate doughnuts :-)

  3. now Im even more jealous!! Good luck with it Lynne I hope you have a fun and successful day!! xx

  4. Thanks Paula, hope it's not too long before you can join us for a workshop xx

  5. I'd just like to say , fank you Lynne and Chanlle for getting some urrmmmmm you know ... whats it ... ermmm chocolate rolls and ermm some doughnuts ... i promise i'l save you one .. (giggle )anyway ... i am really looking forward to comming tomorrow and ive promised maddy that i will be on my very ermmm like , best behaviour ! ....

    and urmmm fanks chanelle for picking us up at the train station ... as you know it would take me alittle while to get there with my feet ! so yeah fanks for that xx

    calvin mouse
    mouse superstar and papercrafter ...

  6. p.s ... i ermmmmmm dont mind all the kisses but im not going near any cheek pinchers !!!

    so yeah ...sees ya tomorrow xx

    love calvin mouse


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