19 November 2009

Blog Anni, Blog Candy and annoying phone calls!!

Now I know from past experience that blogging is a great way to pass on info and also learn useful stuff apart from crafting. What I am interested to learn is does anyone know or has anyone had this happen to them...our phone keeps ringing and when we answer, it beeps like a fax machine, we have dialed 1471 and the number is 0000 I was just wondering if it was a scam of some sorts. I have now had 3 bank cards cancelled because of different fraud scams cloned etc yes 3 all attached to different accounts!! Which is making me a very untrusting and very suspicious person.
So if you know anything that will put my mind at rest or if it is a scam what I have to do, I would be very grateful. I know it might be Innocent, better to be safe than sorry and it is also very annoying!! as it is ringing every ten minutes or so. Sorry if I am rambling! :-)

On a better note. I can't believe that this week is my 1st blog Anni, it has gone soooo fast!! So I thought we would have some blog candy to mark the occasion! :-)
Thank every one for there lovely comments and I have meet so many lovely people through my blog and some great crafting buddies. I will post the Candy with what you have to blog tonight, so watch this space as they say!! lol


  1. Oh Lynne how frustrating & annoying for you. Will mention it to DH when he gets in later see if knows of anything. Sorry to hear you've been a target of these scams. 3 times is ridiculous. Chin up.

    Congratulations ♥ on your 1st blogoversary. Hugs Gez.xx

  2. a full year crikey never, many congrats, sorry bout the scams though, see you tonight x sue x

  3. Can't beleive it's a full year since you started with the blog!! Congratulations xx

  4. Hi Lynne, congratulations on the blogoversary. I always read your posts and love seeing your creations.

    As for the phone calls, we get that too. It seems to happen intermittently and comes up with internation number on caller display. Not sure it's a scam but don't know how to get rid either. If you find out, please do post and let me know

    Louis xxx

  5. Hi Lynne congrats!

    I sometimes get 0000 number calls and they tend to be sales calls. I also get calls that come up as international number which I have to answer as my sister lives in Canada and it could be very important! This gets me very annoyed as I have to pick up.
    lol, Lou xxx

  6. Congrats on the bloggerversary :-) We get a lot of those calls. I think it's a call centre or a sales call......


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