25 January 2013

Crazy Wonky Squares

Today I have been having another day sorting my crafty stash, this time my fabric collection! It is now sorted in to 'Unfinished Projects', 'Usable Sized Pieces' and 'Fabric scraps'. When is a fabric scrap to small to be usable? It has too be tiny, I can only bring myself to part with incy wincy little bits! lol

When I'd finished I had a table full of usable fabric scraps. I will just share a small section with you.

So what shall I do next? mmmm sort the scraps in to colours, and then I took the blues, and sorted into size, squarish bits, strips etc.

Next I took the lengths of blues all different widths from 1" inch wide to 3" inch wide and ironed them. I had some small chunky pieces of dark blue approx 2 x 3. OK so off we go, I sewed the chunky bits to a strip. I did n't square anything up with my cutter and ruler. I just got straight in with the sewing and cut in to chunks with scissors and no quarter inches seams either! I just keep adding strips of different widths, turning the block and chopping off with scissors with a little bit of pressing in between. 

I have squared them up to eight and half inches. 

What do you think to my crazy wonky squares? 

Everyone different 

I have now started to join the blocks together with pale blue and white checked fabric.

What do you do with your left over fabric scrap?

Well its snowing again here in Sheffield tonight so more sewing I think.
What ever you are doing this cold winter night 
Happy crafting and sewing hugs Lynne xox


  1. Love what you have done with your scraps Lynne.Mine is just thrown into a large plastic box.xxx

  2. Wow this is a lovely table runner Lynne. I love the blues. My scraps are just thrown into a big cardboard box doing nothing. Some have been in the box for about 20 years through several house moves !!! Love how you've taken such small pieces and made something so pretty from them.

  3. Oh a fabulous use of scraps, I don't currently have enough scrap fabric to consider what I'd do with the offcuts, not worked with fabrics for a long time!!!

  4. Hi Lynne, what a great way to use up the scraps. It will look fab when it's all put together.

    Donna x

  5. Hi Lynn - oh my goodness what a very talented person you are.

  6. Wow! This is fabulous, you must have so much patience, I wouldn't know where to begin - you are a very talented lady.


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