26 February 2011

Stylish Blog Award

I had a lovely surprise when I got home from the NEC last weekend.
I had been given this blog award by the very creative Ann Flutterbycrafter isn't it lovely to get surprises? Thank you very Ann for thinking of me.

Now part of accepting the award is I have to tell you something about me that is unusual, been trying to think of something interesting you might want to know! lol
After reading Ann's I am struggling, thats a hard one to follow.

Many years ago we lived next door to Lesley Ash and her husband Lee Chapman, when Lee played for Sheffield Wednesday.
When the children were still at school I was a cub scout assistant leader for about three years.

Every year I made props and costumes with a few other Mums for our local junior school and church plays.

Now I pass on the award to eight crafty bloggers, so here goes

Hope you are all having a great relaxing weekend and enjoying some crafty time.


  1. Thanks so much Lynne.xxx

  2. Great facts Lynne :) Hope you have a lovely Sunday..xx

  3. Thank you Lynne for thinking of me I will wear it with pride..

  4. Thank you Lynne that's so lovely of you. I shall blog about it next posting session :)
    Lesley x

  5. Thanks hun - will put it in a posting tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. hi lynne thank you very much, interesting facts lolI will post this xx sue x


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