23 February 2011

A few more pics...

More pics from the NEC at the weekend

The Sizzix stand showing projects created using T!ms new alteration dies and embossing folders

All the new alteration dies and the fabulous Vagabond will be in the studio and on the website very soon along with lots and lots of other new goodies!!

For some strange reason blogger won't let me upload any more pictures!! argh blogger is so annoying and very frustrating at times! The last few days I have had to log in every time I want to leave a comment sometime more than once and then still can't leave a comment!! What's that all about?? Has anyone else got these blogger problems???

Added on Thursday morning
I still can't upload any more pictures and blogger signs me out every time I want to leave a comment!
Can anyone suggest anything?? please.


  1. Fabulous photographs Lynne :)
    Sorry to hear Blogger has been playing up again.. I have heard of others having problems too.

  2. Wow they're fabulous aren't they!

  3. fabulous dies cant wait for those x sue x

  4. Looks like you had a fun weekend ;-)

    Not sure what you can do with blogger - its working OK for me I don't seem to get any problems with it. Are there any errors if you look at the coding? I had that when I first started as I'd added something and it had gone in wrong but it only showed errors in pure HTML.

  5. Hi Lynne wonderful pic's can't wait for the new goodies to come in.. as for blogger, I have had a few problems with not being able to leave comments on a few blogs. Sarah's is one of them that no matter what I do I just can't even type or send an email to her..


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