13 April 2010

A Midsummers Night Dream & Jill!!

The new Magnolia mag has arrived today, a whole day early, not very often do any of our deliveries arrive a day early!! a day or two late but never early. The funny thing is that Jill with no blog Jill must have some kind of 6th sense as every time we get a Magnolia delivery Jill is never very far away and today is no exception. Late this afternoon there was a knock on the back door, which was the Magnolia delivery and ten minutes later Jill walked in the front door!!! I don't know how she does it, but she knows you know! lol

Thats all tonight folks I am absolutely shattered! I woke at 4am this morning and never got back to sleep. So I am off to catch up on some shut eye. I will update the website tomorrow with Magnolia stamps and mag.
Don't forget I am not around in the morning. Lynne xx

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  1. Hi Lynne

    It is funny how I was just on my way back home from getting my my laying pellets when I thought I will just pop in the craft den and there was the lovely box of magnolias a lovely end to a day i think. see you later love jill (may be with a blogg soon)xx


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