11 April 2010

Don't push it!

It is not as bright and sunny here in Sheffield this morning, not like yesterday, it was a beautiful day. So might just have to stay in and craft until it brightens up. My new years resolution was to finish off all the half made projects I have. I started with all good intention and then fell by the wayside after just a few weeks!!

As you all know Alfie fetches my slippers in a morning for me. Now he is getting very clever as after I have my slippers he will fetch a pair of shoes. If I don't put my slippers out of reach, he will keep bringing them after I have put my shoes on! This week he has carried the post in from the post man too! Every morning when he brings my slippers he gets a small treat taken from his daily allowance, as he is on a diet! Not my doing the vets, I don't think he is over weight he charges round in the garden like a mad thing and if he finds a ball he will bring it all day long for us to throw. Any way, when Alfie keeps coming with my slippers I tell him not to push his luck as he can't have any more treats. So when I saw a horse called 'Don't push it' running in the Grand National yesterday, I just had to have a flutter on it didn't I? and it won!! Just might have to take Ava shopping later! :-)

Ava is loving getting out in the garden everyday

here she is having a little rest while wondering what to do next! lol

What every you are doing, enjoy! Lynne xx


  1. She looks gorgeous in her fab new fur coat!!! She looks quite the little lady on the garden bench!! Is she recharging her batteries!!! lol xx Love Chanelle x

  2. Congratulations on your win.xx I didn't pick one yesterday & when it was on I said I would definately have picked that one as I'm always saying to my Ben! hehe... Enjoy your winnings. :)
    Lovely to see Ava out & her about!
    Have a FAB Sunday. Gez.xx

  3. Congratulations on your win. Ava looks so cute sat on the bench. Bet she's tired after all that walking, and playing with bike. See you Thursday. Love Sandra x

  4. Congratulations on the win! Will Alfie be getting an extra treat for the tip haha! More gorgeous pics of Ava, it's like she knows you need the poses for scrapping, I like this kind of pic better than practiced smiles don't you?
    love as always Gina x x x


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