3 April 2010

Day Off

Good morning to you all. It is a nice fine morning here in Sheffield today, It looks nice and bright through the window, although BH assures me it is still cold. I had a lovely relaxing day off yesterday. A lie in until 9am, wonderful, and then BH cooked my breakfast which was delish. I checked emails and added a few new goodies to the web site and then went Easter shopping with my daughter. I bought a talking In the night garden story book toy for  Ava it has a handle on it so she will be able to carry it round with her. Ava had something similar for Christmas and it is one of her favourite toys. I also go a Maka Paka bath toy and a small Easter egg in a princess mug. I will take pictures tomorrow. All the family are coming over today and sleeping and tomorrow my Mum is coming for the day. BH will be cooking one of his big Sunday roasts, last time he did one we had so many roast vegetables I lost count how many there were mmmmm I can smell them cooking already!! lol

The laptop is doing strange things so I will publish now and pop back later. Enjoy your day and make sure you find time to craft along the way. Lynne xx


  1. have a lovely easter with the family see you wed x sue x

  2. Hi Lynne, hope you have a great Easter with your family! My Mum is off tomorrow so I can't wait for my Sunday dinner at my Mums. Thanks for sorting me some more goodies out today!! xx

  3. Have a lovely day with your family, enjoys your Sunday Roast.Love Sandra x

  4. Have a great Easter Lynne xx

  5. Mmmm Sunday roast delish. :)
    Wishing you a lovely Easter with your family Lynne.
    Have fun. Love Gez.xx


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