26 October 2009

No Crafting this weekend!!

No time for crafting this weekend I have been doing some thing far better!! Yes, you heard me right, far better. My son rang to say the central heating had broken and the plumber couldn't get a part until Monday so could they come over for baths and showers? Need they ask? and perhaps even stay a night or two!! Yavvvy! We have had a a great weekend. We took Ava to see the ducks. Unfortunately we had been having such a great time that when we got to the ducks, Ava was fast asleep!! lol

It was a bit windy and showery yesterday morning in Sheffield so we had her all kitted out with winter coat, gloves, boots... infact that warm and cosy she slept right through the walk home too!

...the ducks all came to meet us

Ava would have loved seeing them all!!

never mind there is always next week...and I have the pics to scrap!! lol

Here is Ava chilling out with her foot on the table!! lol

Now she has 4 teeth she thinks she can eat everything!!

Look how strong I am Granddad! the faces she pulled and the noises she made were really funny...
... Ava and I managed to fit in some Halloween shopping...

we bought a trick or treat bucket and filled it with treats

we have some Fiendish Fancies

which are very orange, but they don't look it here!

we alao did some other preparations but you will have to wait until next weekend... so until then my my lips are sealed! :-)
So Ava and I are all ready for her 1st Halloween are you, have you entered our Blog Candy competion yet, or made and ATC for our October swap? not much time left now.


  1. sounds like you had a fabulous weekend ava is so cute and looks so happy and so many pics to scrap, lovely x sue x

  2. What a great weekend. Ava looks so cozy. She always looks so happy & content. Looking forward to seeing the scrapbook pages you do with the photos you took. Love Sandra x

  3. Oh what a fab weekend!! She looks so beautiful in her pictures and what a fab pram!! I can see this granny business is going to be very expensive lol xx

  4. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I bet Grandma needs a rest after all that! See you Thursday x

  5. Baby cuddles are so much nicer than crafting any day Lynne. Hope you got plenty. How wonderful to have Ava stay the weekend. Sounds like you've another busy weekend planned next week. Take care. Gez.xx


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