23 April 2011

What kind of weather is this???

This morning started warm and sunny here in Sheffield by lunch time it was very hot. We sat in the back garden, the dogs were out and about a really lovely day.

Late this afternoon it started to go a little dark and I heard a rumble of thunder. In came the washing and the dogs, and down it came. At first it was very large drops of rain which turned to hail stones...

very large hails stones and before long the lawn looked like this...

the water came down the drive like a river bringing the hail stones with it and before no time at all the lawn was flooded.

After the rain and hail had stopped the hail stones stayed on the lawn until the sun came out again and melted them. Is this what they call April showers???? lol
What has the weather been like with you today?


  1. OMG Lynne, we had a thunder storm after a very hot morning but we didn't have hail stones. Strange weather we keep having but I'm not complaining about the sun and heat, I love it but my dogs don't they keep looking for shade and cool spots.
    Have a lovely Easter and hope to see you soon. xx

  2. Great pics Lynne, one thing the gardens got a good watering.xxx

  3. OMG! We had sun, then a little rain with just one roll of thunder then sun again (think it must've been a little worse just a few miles away in Dewsbury reading Pat's comment)
    Anne xx

  4. Wow Lynne, we have hot sunshine all day. Not even a drop of rain and its started out as a nice day today. I'm hoping it stays nice as Savannah is off to the seaside today. Wonderful pic's
    Happy easter

  5. This is incredible!!!! I am from Holland and it has been dry and hot for weeks now so we have to sprinkle the garden every day. In the news they said we have the warmest weather in Europe LOL!! Imagine travelling to Spain/France/Italy and having downpoors like you had...but this hail is something else. I LOVE your wisteria!!!!!!!!
    Hope the weather is back to nice for you during this Easter weekend!

    Love, Irene

  6. OMG how can it be so different in the same city fab pics by the way WOW no wonder holly was going berserk bless x sue x

  7. While sat at my checkout on a very sunny saturday, we had one flash of lightening and just one crack-o-thunder, and small shower of rain, seems like you had all the fun in Hillsbro., until 4 oclock on the dot i didn't care too much about the weather, all those customers off to play in the parks, oh well hope they didn't get too wet eh...
    As you know i've not gotten around to commenting on any blogs for such a long time, so have had a good smooch round yours to see what you've been getting up to. My, you have been busy, and i'm loving all the stuff you've done. See you next week. lotsalove xoxo Ann

  8. The sun cracked the flags all day, I am wishing for a bit of rain to repair the winter damage to the camp site, the grass is looking a bit thin and none existent in some places, not good for a camp site!

  9. Hahaha! SNAP!! There is still a tide mark outside my front gate, and the rain came down so hard it was flooding out of the guttering and pouring down the back of my house like a waterfall!! I guess we got all our April showers in one go :D XXX

  10. What Sheffield!!!!!!...I was in the Lakes - the Lakes where it always rains...and we have had stonking weather - got a suntan...I cant believe those picci's - even my water butt at home is nearly empty...had to water the lawn the other day!...move nearer to me - and then I could do a class every week!
    Sarah x

  11. Hi Lynne your photos did make me smile, you just can't beat the great British weather! These photos would make a great scrapbook page!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  12. Oh my goodness, Lynne, what a deluge!!! By the end of your pics it looked like the bleak mid winter haha! Was hot and sunny here all weekend and although it's a tad cooler now (wednesday) the sun is still shining. Amazing spring! (Or is it our summer?)


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