18 February 2010

Good news!!

I have been to the hospital to visit Ann this afternoon. I could not believe the difference, Ann was looking and feeling a little better! We are all so pleased it is just the best news! Ann has been greatly missed over the last few months both in craftland and blogland!! I do know that Ann has been a little bit overwhelmed by the get well cards and message received. We have all been so worried. Lets hope the improvement continues and Ann will soon be back crafting and blogging again!!

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery Ann from all your crafting buddies! x


  1. That's fantastic news Lynne. Continuing to keep Ann in my thoughts.xx

  2. fantastic news i'm so glad keeping everything crossed x sue x

  3. Good News at last!!! Hope it won't be long before she's back to her normal self!!! lol xx Lot's of Love Chanelle xx

  4. I agree it's fantastic news that Ann is starting to recover, have been thinking of her every day - send her my love


  5. Great to here Ann is picking up! The more love we send her, the quicker she will mend.
    Love as always Gina x x x

  6. That's fantastic news Lynne, let's hope it won't be long before she is home again.
    Pat xx


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