6 December 2009

Makka Pakka and The Trombliboos

Had a fantastic time today Christmas shopping with Ava. Although it has been a bit of a learning curve for me to say the least!! lol I now know about all the little people that belong to the night garden.

We bought and sent to Santa a Makka Pakka

... this is Makka Pakka

and theese are the Trombliboos...

we also bought a musical gazebo including Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle and Makka Pakka, yes we have two Makka Pakka's!! lol

Ava had a sit on a rocking horse, pink pony and a cuddle with Winnie the Pooh no wonder she is looking tired here!! lol

Can't wait for Christmas now it is going to be so much fun, in the night garden!! lol

On Saturday Ava managed to get in one of the kitchen cupboards, take out a bottle of cooking oil open the lid and pour it all over the kitchen floor!! So today we also bought some safety gates, which haven't gone to Santa!! Hope you have all had as much fun this weekend as we have. :-)

I have a few more of Jills Christmas cards to share with you

Thanks again Jill for letting me share your cards with everyone.


  1. When I saw your post title on the blogger dashboard I thought Lynne has finally gone mad! What....Trombliboos! Made me chuckle. Ive learned something new too! I bet Ava's not going to know what to play with first on Christnas Day x

  2. its all beyond me ava did look shattered (but VERY sweet) and I bet g.ma was too. Jills cards though beautiful x sue x

  3. awe, Jill's cards are beautiful & so is her colouring. Sounds like you needed Makka Pakka's og pog in your kitchen!

    Have a lovely week. Hugs Gez.xx

  4. Jill's cards are gorgeous! Tell her to start blogging soon LOL!

    We had a Night Garden Christmas last year and loved it! This year it's Toy Story and Santa has been sent a Woody and a Buzz Lightyear haha!

    Lesley x


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