16 December 2009

It's that time of year again, cards, shopping...

Sorry for lack of blogging this last few days, life just seems to get taken over at this time of year, card making, shopping, more card making, more shopping... I spent a lovely day shopping in Chesterfield with my daughter on Monday, we meet up with Ben and Ava for breakfast in BHS.

Ava can recommend the sausage and beans

she really got tucked in to them

mmmm getting the hang of this photo lark now...

BH put our trimmings up on Saturday and a few twinkling lights around the shelves. I haven't been to get the tree yet! When Ava came to visit her little face was a picture... she spent the whole time looking round, pointing and smiling. Here are a couple of pics with Grandad looking at the fairy lights, the pictures are a little bit dark, Ava is pointing behind her to the lights.

Look at this beautiful card I have received from some of my lovely ladies who attend my classes and workshops. It has some beautiful messages written inside, I filled up when I read it... thank you to you all, it means so much...thank you

and my present... THANK YOU. I was a bit overwhelmed on Wednesday as you all know...

and here's why...this lovely reindeer has a cotton bag tied to it which was stuffed with Meadowhall gift vouchers!!

How lucky am I?
I have also received this gorgeous basket of plants from Irene, thank you Irene...


  1. She is such a beautie!!! Can't wait to see the xmas picture's xx Another fab card by Jill & loved the wrapped pressie!!

  2. Beautiful photos of Ava. I can imagine Ava pointing to all the lights. Your card is lovely Lynne & so is your reindeer. What a lovely kind surprise for you Lynne. Enjoy.xx

  3. Ava is so sweet an photogenic, good enough to eat. Really enjoyed last Wednesday and it was our pleasure, I'm sure everyone will agree. xx

  4. Ava just keeps getting more beautiful. You are all going to have such a lovely christmas with her. Really enjoyed our Xmas night out, great company. And you so deserve your present. Love Sandra x


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