12 February 2009

Unable to blog!!

I have not been able to post on my blog for nearly 2 days!! Don't know the reason why just know it has been very annoying!!!

Has any one else had this problem?? I have received emails from bloggers who can not link to my blog candy!! that's very very annoying too!!! If you are one of those bloggers please leave a comment even if you can't link. I do not want anyone to miss out on the chance of candy!! :-)

Hot off the press!!!! The Copic Ciaos deliver arrived on Wednesday and I could not tell you all!!! The Copic Ciaos pens are £1.99 each and available by mail order from our studio shop. We will be adding the pens to our web site as soon as possible but we have been having problems there too!! just not been a very good week technology wise!! lol We will also be stocking the starter packs and sets, expected delivery dates and stock updates on new stock can be found (or will be available when I can update)on our website here hopefully we will be able to keep it updated!!!

Please email if you have any problems, I will do my best to keep things going by mail order while the site is acting up so please email or phone.

Today we are expecting a delivery of the La Pashe decoupage sheets 'Flippin Men' 'Flippin Women' and 'Remember When' which can all be viewed here http://www.lapashe.com/ if you have not seen them before take a look they are absolutely fantastic!!!

Don't forget!! Please see below BLOG CANDY up for grabs!!

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