5 February 2009

Pretty much the same

The view from the kitchen window this morning looks much the same as Monday!! I plan on venturing out today with the camera, yes I am going to brave the weather conditions!! I do actually like the snow and as I have no young children now to play out with I will take the dogs!! I took the dogs on Monday but forgot the camera!! lol So some more snowy scenes and then who knows maybe some wintery layouts!! :-)

The bushes are flat with the weight of the snow, looks like they've had a hair cut!! lol

Now for a bit of crafting...........


  1. Good Luck with the walk!! I'm stuck at work!! so I don't think it's that nice xxxx

  2. Didn't get far Alfie wants to eat all the snow!! lol

  3. Still looks pretty!! I couldnt get in today so now off till Monday!! Is there a good time to call you tomorrow Lynne??

  4. Talk about picture perfect....hope you all had fun :)


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