11 November 2013

Eclectic Elements Fabric

Most of the Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Fabric collection arrived at Craft Den on Friday!

Yes 2 days earlier than expected as some of you already know, a 3 or 4 still to arrive should be here by end of week.

 Tuesday November 12th. Available by the metre or fat quarter

Melange - PWTH001 -arrived today

Documents - PWTH002 Taupe

Documents - PWTH002 - Neutral

Time Piece PWTH003 -Taupe

Time Piece PWTH003 -Neutral

Butterflies PWTH004 - Red

Butterflies PWTH004 - Taupe

Subway PWTH005 - Neutral

Subway PWTH005 - Taupe

Ticking PWTH006 - Blue

Ticking PWTH006 - Red

Ticking PWTH006 - Taupe

Stamps PWTH007 - Blue

Stamps PWTH007 - Neutral - In transit!

Dictionary PWTH008 - Neutral - this one is in transit too!

Dictionary PWTH008 - Red

Travel PWTH009 - Neutal

Travel PWTH009 - Taupe

Measurements PWTH010 - Neutral

Measurements PWTH010 - Taupe

French Word Set PWTH011 - Neutral - also in transit

French Word Set PWTH011 - Taupe - also in transit

Game Pieces PWTH012 - Neutral

Game Pieces PWTH012 - Taupe - arrived today.

£12.80 per metre, available by fat quarters and half metre etc.

Happy crafting and sewing

Hugs Lynne xox

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  1. Stop tempting me!!! *needs more* :D XXX


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