15 June 2011

Alfie and the hot air balloon

Good morning to you all. It is a bit dull and overcast here in Sheffield this morning no sign of the sun, at least it is dry. When I signed into Blogger this morning everything looks different... does this mean all the updates are finished and we can blogg happily now... mmm I wonder... time will tell I am sure.

No crafty pictures to blog this morning, a few of a hot air balloon that came over our garden last night. A few of our good friends paid for BH and I to go up in a balloon very similar to this one for our wedding present. It is our anniversary on Tuesday so it was fabulous to see and brought back some lovely memories of a beautiful day and some very good friends...

Alfie was hidding in the kitchen peeking out of the back door until the coast was clear....

What was it?....has it gone yet?
Poor Alfie, he really didn't like it, must admit it was very low.

Happy crafting and what ever you are doing today ENJOY!
Love and hugs Lynne xoxo


  1. HAHA, poor dog!!!!!

    Hug, Irene

  2. Aw, sorry it scared Alfie - I think my friends were in it - they had a balloon ride last night! How bizare!

  3. Hahaha! What a guard dog!!!! :D XXX

  4. Poor Alfie, wonder what he thought it was, bless him. See you Saturday, very excited. Will be good to catch up with Ann & Jill aswell. Love Sandra x

  5. Oh poor Alfie that is so sweet. xx

  6. AWWWWWWW bless lol x sue x

  7. Awwwww that's such a sweet story. Poor Alfie!!

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