11 August 2010


Morning all and what a morning it has been. It can only get better, fingers crossed, if it gets any worse I am going back to bed! lol

It is Week 11 over on our challenge blog

Anything Goes

the theme for this week is the letter


So get your thinking caps on, we are looking forward to seeing what you come up with, if you want some inspiration pop over and have a look what our DT have come up with.

It is Wednesday morning and here it blog land that can only mean one thing WOYWW
if you are not sure what I am talking about pop over to Julias blog and have a read.

I apologise for not getting round to everyone's desk last week I was late joining in on Wednesday evening and managed to visit a lot of desks on Thursday after that blogger was acting up. I could get on some blogs, although unable to view pics or leave comments... whats that all about? Has anyone else had this problem or do you know what causes it? It has had me pulling my hair out this week!

What ever you are doing today enjoy.

(a slightly bald) Lynne xx

Aaaaarrrghh I am unable to load my craft space pics so I will try again later, sorry. :-)

OK I have had a cup of coffee and a walk around the garden, now I am calmer I will try once more and then I am giving in!

Some WIP this week half finished pages for the 12 x 12 scrapbook ablum and a box of pics waiting to be scrapped, there are more but they are not going to load this morning, and I am not one to give in!

This week bargain buys from Wilkos Mini Sharpie pens 4 for £1.79 and you can choose your own colours, how good is that?

I did buy some more but unfortunately blogger just isn't playing ball this morning so this where I scream, spit and hiss and given in!!

Hope you are having a better day. Like I said earlier it can only get better, can't it?? Please say yes! :-)

Added at 4.15pm on Wed:

A glutton for punishment I know but thought I would just give it another go...

Yay!!! Phew thats taken some doing today. A few days a go I posted this page sat on a cream background, I have now layered it on a sheet of green Bazzill Basic, there are some more decoupaged roses to add.

and some more Sharpie Fine Liners, same price and larger
the small ones have a metal loop in the top ideal for putting on a ring and attatching to your tote bag.

My day hasn't got any better... I have dropped a yogurt went every where including down me, broke the kettle and mislaid some money... :-(


  1. Hi Lynne
    i no a few bloggers have had probs trying to leave comments, hope you manage to get ya pics up later, hope the rest of you day is better for you, sue,x

  2. I havent had a problem with blogger today but I am viewing woyww on my laptop and its taken me about an hour to view 5 blogs so I am about to start pulling my hair out too! great pictures to scrap there - keep taking deep breaths and I hope your day gets better!

  3. I hope your day is getting better and if it is n't ... I hope I did n't wake you :0)

  4. I too had that - everything ok now...are those pens felt tips? like copics? - need to check them out...comment leaving was ok - but most pic's had a x so unable to view....no wonder I had a drink on my desk last week!

  5. hope you manage to get pic up soon,love cheryl x

  6. Glad to see you managed to load a few pictures!!! You have a nice pile of them to scrap too!!!

    See you tonight the bag on Joe's blog looks lovely can't wait! Love Chanelle xx

  7. Isn't blogger fun? Just when you are on deadline, there's a problem. It never fails. I sure like your Sharpie bargains, though. They can be fun to play with, too. Hope your day gets better. For now, happy WOYWW.

  8. Love the Sharpies, been hunting for a white one, all I get is blank stares..Had probs commenting and seeing pictures over the last couple of weeks but I get there in the end. Have a Great WOYWW!! ((Lyn))

  9. don't you hate it when blogger plays games! I have afew of those pens, and am now a quarter of the way round woyww.. think I will run out of time!!

  10. Oh you will have to let us know what the sharpies are like, I've seen them advertised but not tried them myself :0)
    Happy woyww hun :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  11. Hiya Lynne

    lovely looking layout on your desk, I have never used those sharpie pens


  12. Oh so much badness on one day! Don't go back to bed, it WILL only get better! (And it really will after blogger is being nice to you and lets you comment on every blog).
    Nice lay-out!!
    Have a well-meant LOVELY day!
    ** Evi **

  13. Sometimes blogger is playing up, but it's usually ok after a while (read some hours!). Hope you get a better evening hun!


  14. Lovely creative space, your scrapbook page is absolutely beautiful!

  15. what a great layout love graphic 45 papers so pretty

  16. Hi Lynne, your page is beautiful! Sharpies are great arn't they, shame they are soooo expensive! I only have a few at the moment. hugs Heidi xx

  17. What makes me thnk you love Sharpies? They are great actually, loving your stuff !!

  18. I think Blogger has been very naughty lately. Hope your day got a little bit better and thanks for hanging in there for us.

  19. You have been busy Lynne. I love the scrapbook page. See you tomorrow. Love Kerry xxx

  20. Well you poor thing, you did have a day of it yesterday........I hope today will be much better for you.


    Forgot to say I love the wedding LO its really gorgeous.

  21. Oh Lynne - it will get better, but maybe not in one day....stay off yogurts for a while - that'll help!! Your LO is gorgeous - I'm glad you've put it on green...it looks gorgeous and adds to the colour rather than jsut framing it. As for the Sharpies..man I love a permanent pen!!

  22. Sorry you have had your blogging problems so frustrating!
    I really love your stunning page!
    kim x

  23. Hi, love your new Sharpies they have gorgeous colours I have some too. they're so cute small. Love your page from your Album. Big Hugs Jo.xxx

  24. Great looking desk & lovely LO :0)

  25. i had problems leaving comments on a few peoples blogs but mostl worked...hope your day is going better today! Your space is lovely and that wedding page amazing!


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