30 January 2009

Fimo Bev & Maddy meet up again!!

We had visitors at Craft Den yesterday Maddy & Rach travelled from Leeds for a coffee and a bit of shopping.

Fimo Bev heard Maddy was in town and popped in after work.........a lot of squeals, laughing and reminiscing took place!! lol Bev and Maddy hadn't seen one another for several years, they lost touch after Bev finshed working in Leeds....as sooooooon as they got together Rach and I couldn't get a word in, not even edge ways!! :-)

Fimo Bev was back in the studio again today for the Daffodil fairy class this morning and the Beatrix Potter card toppers this afternoon.

There are a couple of places left on next weeks Fimo floral toppers class and on 28th Feb all day workshop.

My granddaughter Ava is coming tomorrow she is nearly three weeks old!! I've not seen her for over a week, and I can't wait!!

I will hopefully be able to post some pictures tomorrow of both Ava and todays Fimo, for some unknown reason it won't let me tonight!!

28 January 2009

Fimo Daffodil Fairy

Look what we are making on Saturday morning in the Fimo class!! Isn't she lovley?

Just a few places left!!!!!!!!!!

23 January 2009

Saved the best till last!!

Sorry for not been a very good blogger this week! :-( I've just been a little busy, time has just flown by, when I tell you what I've been up to I might just might be excused. First of all we are planning on extending our sales area so I have made a start on clearing the area ready. I hate sorting and tidying such a waste of good crafting time and if I wasn't such a messy and untidy crafter in the first place! lol so only me to blame!! which makes it worse!! I would have much rather been been busy crafting :-) I have also been arranging lots of new classes and workshops the new Craft Den timetable can be viewed here

The new sales area will be just for paper, in fact that's a good name for it! 'Just Paper' yes, that's right how brill will that be? one room full of 12x12s!!! and maybe a few albums thrown in for good measure. By moving all the paper racks we will gain a full display wall, for slat walling allowing us to stock more lines and free up some shelve space for some more rubber stamps!!! Wow I here you all say but wait a minute because there is more, yes more and this is the best the very best news and that's why I have saved it till last because you will just rush off to tell all your crafting buddies the good news....are you ready........we are going to be stockist of the much sort after Copic pens double WOW and we have some workshops planned with Maddy from Mad Imaginations!! triple WOW! Date to be announced, we are already taking names, for more information and to add your name to the list email info@craftden.co.uk we will let you know the date as soon as possible. Saved the best till last!! :-)

18 January 2009


Ben, Kyla and Ava my beautiful Granddaughter have been to visit today. Guess who got all the cuddles? and soooooooo sooooooooo cute!

a little princess who was asleep all the time, I was willing her to wake up!! lol but no such luck!

Granddaughters are wonderful!

Captured Fairies

A great time was had by one and all at yesterdays workshop when 'Fimo Bev' came to visit the Craft Den studio again. We all look forward to Bev calling by. The Fimo workshops are getting more and more popular. We had two ladies, Denise and Sue travel from Liverpool to join us, thanks to Maddy Hill over on Mad Imaginations who had suggest it would be worth a visit for someone wanting to learn Fimo. Maddy is 'Fimo Bev's long lost friend from several years ago. We are hoping that Maddy will also visit the Craft Den studio in the not too distant future and if we are very lucky take a workshop if we are very, very lucky perhaps tutor a joint workshop with 'Fimo Bev'. Now that would be one to book in for, two of the most talented Fimo ladies in the country taking a workshop at Craft Den. WOW!! Watch this space girls!

In the morning it was captured fairies, which everyone enjoyed making. You can read about these fairies over on Chanelle's blog 'Angelwhispers' and find out if they have been captured yet!! LOL Apparently they are tricky little characters to catch!! Here are three of them that Chanelle will be tying to catch today if she hasn't already done so. Good luck with that Chanelle and let us know how you get on!!

'Fimo Bev' will be back at Craft Den for more Fimo classes on Sat 31st Jan 1pm - 3pm showing how to make two of the lovely Beatrix Potter card toppers, Sat 7th Feb 1:30pm - 3:30pm Floral card toppers and on the Sat 28th Feb another all day Fimo workshop - in the morning it will be Fimo, the items produced will then be cooked and used on a project in the afternoon. The full Craft Den timetable can be viewed here and some pictures of the Fimo Beatrix Potter characters can be viewed here.

We are also arranging more all day and weekend workshops in scrapbooking and altered art and lots, lots more, so watch this space for dates times and prices.

By the way have you seen on Maddy's blog about the Copic class for beginners? I don't know all the details, you would have to contact Maddy herself but I do know it would be well worth attending if you can. Why not hop over to her blog now and have a look at the three examples. I visited Maddy's craft group in Leeds last week with Chanelle from Angelwhispers for a taster session and we really enjoyed ourselves. Everyone made us more than welcome but we didn't get to meet Calvin mouse and I've heard he might be attending the Copics class! LOL

16 January 2009

A sneek peek of the Captured Fairy

There are just a few places left for Saturday mornings Fimo class, the afternoon class is very full!! No worries we have lovely big studio so there will be plenty of room for you all. Thought I would let you have a look at Saturday mornings Fimo class project, she is a lovely little 'Captured Fairy'. The captured fairy was first planned as a children's class but she is a real hit with the ladies too, and why not she is a real cutie.
......I know I know I need to brush up on my photography! lol I never get it right!!:-( lol .......to much light or not enough or in my own shadow. When I get my new camera I promise I will try harder. Now my new Granddaughter has arrived I need a new camera! lol
We had a delivery of the clear Sarah Kay stamps in the studio yesterday and they are beautiful I really love them. So I know what I am going to be using for my cards. They will be added to our website later today. I've not made a baby girl card for Ben & Kyla yet, how bad is that? I have received some gorgeous cards in fact I will make you suffer a bit more with my terrible photography and post some of them.

Thank you to every body for your lovely cards and presents I will take them all with me when I next go to visit.

14 January 2009

Coming Home

Just a short post this morning to let you all know Kyla and Ava are both doing fine and are coming home later today. :-) Just wished I lived nearer, although I bet they don't! lol
Ben and Kyla have been taking lots of pictures at the hospital which I can't wait to get my hands on. So then there will be lots of pictures to scrapbook and make brags books with and scrapbook pages and more pages and yet more books lol yes all my all my books and pages now will have Ava on she is sooooooooooo beautiful. Ooohhhh being a Grandma is wonderful!!

12 January 2009


As promised a photograph of our beautiful Granddaughter Ava, just 8 hours old. Both Mum and baby doing well. Thank you to eveyone for all your emails and text.


Congratulations to Kyla & Ben on the arrival of their daughter Ava.

Our new Granddaughter arrived this morning at 7:23am and weighed 7lb 14 oz.
Apparently Ava has chubby cheeks and lots of hair. My daughter and I will be visiting this afternoon. I will post some pictures later.

5 January 2009

Still no news

A very quick post to let you all know that there is still no sign of our new Granddaughter. I think she knows how cold it is and has decided to stay put! LOL

Hope you are all managing to keep warm and weren't snowned in this morning. I got up to let the dogs out about 6:30am it was snowing and blowing even the dogs didn't want to go out in it who can blame them! LOL

I will post more later, it has been very quiet in the studio today so instead of tidying up I did some crafting!! What is the point of tidying up when you are just going to make more mess? LOL Catch you all later.