18 January 2009


Ben, Kyla and Ava my beautiful Granddaughter have been to visit today. Guess who got all the cuddles? and soooooooo sooooooooo cute!

a little princess who was asleep all the time, I was willing her to wake up!! lol but no such luck!

Granddaughters are wonderful!


  1. At last!! bet your on cloud nine now after all those cuddles & kisse's and yes she is so beautiful!! xxx

  2. Yes I am! and I can't wait untill Tuesday, as they are coming to visit again! :-)

  3. Hi Lynne

    She's so beautiful. I so miss having babies around. Congratulations to you all. xx

  4. I too miss having babies around ! shes gorgeous Lynne ! You must be very proud of both mum and granddaughter !

  5. You're not wrong - she is almost TOO beautiful (if there's such a thing) awwww......makes me broody! xxx

  6. what a beautiful baby and a lovely name too. x


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