15 September 2009

Dogs, Apples & Pears

First off all I would like to thank you for your emails and phone calls I have received, you are all so lovely, kind and thoughtful. I am feeling a lot better today, thank you.

Sunday was my daughters birthday I made her an 8x8 card. I have started making all my special cards this size now. I used Blonde Moment papers and Daisy stamped image coloured her with Copics added a few gems to the flowers in her hair made a couple of boarder strips with Martha Stewart Valentine Lace border punch and added some flowers a charm and some ribbon to finish off with.

Inside of the card before I added the wording 'Have a wonderful day'

Lots of you will have heard me telling stories about my dogs and especially Alfie, who is always up to something! At the moment our pear tree is laden with gorgeous delicious crunchy conference pears, but I am not the only one who thinks they are delicious. Alfie helps himself to pears off the tree, he has to stand on his back legs to reach them. I have not managed to capture that on camera, yet. When he pulls them off he usually get some branch and leaves as well. Here he is at the kitchen door yesterday waiting to be let in with pear in mouth. He had gone out in the garden with BH but once Alfie had his pear he wanted to be back in.

Once inside he went to find some where to eat his pear.

Ike saw him and wanted him to share! This picture shows IKe wanting to take it off him. I intervened and cut it in half for them. It is like having toddlers!

BH had a look at the tree later yesterday, and we have several pears with teeth mark in!! When the aples first started falling we had to go out and pick them up before letting Alfie out as I was worried he was going to make himself ill by eating too many. BH said to me one day if you call Alfie when he has picked an apple up he will bring it for you. So this is what we started doing. When he brought the apple we would cut a piece off for each dog. After several days of doing this Alfie started bringing in apples two at a time. He would put one down on the kitchen floor and then run of with the second one to eat it!! "There's yours, this one's mine"!!!


  1. Love the doggy photos, how cute. He doesn't look guilty at all. Love the card you made with the Daisy stamp, she is lovely isn't she. She goes well with the blonde moments papers. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Love Sandra x

  2. Gad you're feeling a little better. Love the card, it's beautiful, the colours and so vibrant. The dog photos are nice as well!!!! xx

  3. Welcome to my world!! Dusty will be so pleased she has a partner in crime if she ever needs it!!! lol Love Bobby's card like the size!! and even the inside!! Glad you are feeling much better, can't have my little friend poorly!! xx

  4. love the card daisy is cute and so is alfie (in a large way) he just looks pleased with himself lol x sue x

  5. The card is really lovely. I wonder do the people keep all these fantastic cards you all make.
    I just love the story of Alfie my Rottweilers used to go and take the fruit from our trees too, apples pears plums you name it. My Border terriers just love the apples, they play with them throwing them around and then settle down to eat them.
    Hope you continue to feel better.
    Pat x

  6. What a lovely card!

    Poor Alfie - fancy having to go and get his own dinner!

    Lovely to see you on Sunday.


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